Saturday, April 11, 2015

MENA Report ( April 11 , 2015 ) -- Yemen War Continues ( Despite continues airstrikes , Houthis advance in Yemen , Pakistan spurns Saudis invitation to join GCC Coalition ) ....... Iraq / Syria Updates ( Battlefield and Political Fronts , Peace Talks in Moscow Fruitless ) ..... Failed State Libya Updates ( State of Play in Benghazi in focus ) ..... Odds and Ends !


US Expands Intel Sharing With Saudis in Yemen Op

Jihadists Attack Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery

Netanyahu: Our Biggest Fear Is That Iran Will Honor Deal

Pakistan Rejects Saudi Call to Join Yemen War

ISIS Seizes Several Districts in Ramadi Offensive

Syrian Peace Talks in Moscow End in Disarray

145 Killed Across Iraq on Friday

Yemen's War Leaves Aden Crumbling and Starving

Turkey and Iran Opt to Shelve Mutual Suspicions

Taliban Claim Bombings in Afghanistan


New video threatens attacks on the U.S. homeland, including another 9/11 - "We Will Burn America" -

PT: The video also celebrates the recent pro- hacking of TV5Monde & CENTCOM in January 2015:

Ban: Yarmouk the deepest circle of hell

Lebanon vows to uproot terrorists after Tripoli raid

Lebanon prepares to welcome French arms shipment

Syria opposition figures seek to form alternative body

Benghazi devastated by fighting | All media content | DW.DE | 11.04.2015:

Tobruk government has now announced that it has created its own National Company based in Benghazi

Rouhani has presented steps to be taken to end crisis, has dispatched diplomats to the region

's annual core, urban inflation rates rise in March

Oil rises towards $58, heads for weekly gain as supports

After Damascus move, attacks rivals near Aleppo