Saturday, March 7, 2015

MENA Report ( March 7 , 2015 ) ...... Iraq / Syria - Despite more than a thousand Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria , the reality is that the US is sidelined by Iran in Iraq and politically corned by Russia / Iran in Syria........ Following trajectory of Yemen and Libya , US influence on the wane in these countries - US foreign policy flubs leave the field wide open for exploitation ( Iran / GCC / Egypt / Al Qaeda or ISIS ) ...... Turkey stilll quirky - items of note .... A Blogger's observations on Tikrit and Mosul ..


MENA .....

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For 35 years, Iraqis with a little help from their regional and international ‘friends’ have put Iraq on a steady trajectory towards state collapse and societal fragmentation. Four years after the completion of the American military withdrawal from Iraq, and four years after the beginning of the Syrian popular uprising, the United States finds itself in those two countries being eclipsed by an ascendant Iran acting as the custodian of two sectarian regimes in Baghdad and Damascus, and acquiescing – with the occasional protest- to its sectarian and regional designs. For all of their public claims that they are not cooperating militarily against the Islamic State (ISISI) the U.S. and Iran are surreptitiously fighting alongside the Shiite based regime in Iraq and the Alawite (an offshoot of Shiite Islam) based regime in Syria by leading an international air campaign against their Sunni enemies.

US-led airstrikes, Iran help key to retake Tikrit: top US general via

Syria to West: Accept that Assad is here to stay

Hamas accused of interfering in Jordan MB 

's governor killed in targeted airstrike

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—The Islamic State (ISIS) governor of Mosul was killed in an airstrike Friday night, said a Kurdish official.
Ismat Rajab, head of the 14th branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said that coalition fighter jets targeted the vehicle of Shakir al-Hamdani, the ISIS governor of Mosul, killing him and a number of his bodyguards.
Rajab who represents the KDP in the Mosul area said that the airstrike hit al-Hamdani’s vehicle in Salamiya, south of the city.
This is the second ISIS governor to be killed since coalition air forces went into battle against the radical group last summer.
Radhwan Hamoudi known as Abu Laith, the first ISIS governor of Mosul was killed in an airstrike outside the city on November 19.

security source: ISF is pounding sites inside by artillery shells and rockets.

Heavy coalition airstrikes last night from 3 to 4 am in .

Iraqi media portrays as a city of 2million traitors. Mosul is a city of unarmed hostages.

Misconceptions about : people attacked iraqi forces with IEDs for years. No. AlQaeda & others did. The civilian population did not.

Civil servants in receive 1salary every 3months as opposed to what nyp stated. Not even close to $130m per month.

Approximately 50% of civil servants now reside in Kurdistan or Turkey

Salaries of Christian, Shia, and Yezidi employees have been either frozen or transferred to other areas out of Mosul.

The people of Mosul are unarmed. What are they supposed to do? Charge at Daesh singing Kumbaya?

Armageddon-theory obsession with and the Iranian-backed militias is a major tool for recruiting & mobilizing on both sides.