Saturday, March 7, 2015

Finance Landscape ( March 7 , 2015 ) - Currency Watch And Round Up ( Euro at 11 year low racing toward dollar parity , USD looking strong after Employment Report , Real of Brazil has another tough week , Turkish Lira takes another tumble , Russian ruble stages a comeback ) ...... Commodities remain under pressure (oil and Iron ore ) and real economy hits become visible....... QE impacts on the EMU examined , Monetary system itself at risk, China next to dabble with QE perhaps .....Yves Smith lays out Troika Game plan for Syriza in " Troika tightens The Noose of Greece as Government Cash Crunch Worsens " ....

Evening tweets......

Time is running short for Greece as won't agree to issuing more short-term debt, ECB's Coeure says.

SYRIZA's left wing has to get on board or be ditched, argues via

Eurogroup wants Troika to return to Athens to check books, German sunday paper FAS reports citing European diplomats.

Morning tweets...

moved €450m in bailout cash from bank recap fund to govt accounts, says . €group warned not to

It's tricky This money was an one off contribution from banks up on creation of HFSF Hard to tell>

555mil is an one off contribution to HFSF by the 4 Greek banks Sorta "buying the right to be recaped"

Interesting. The HFSF board must still sign off on the transfer?

Yes Both Exec Committee and General Council must sign on They convene on Mon and Tue next week

Just verified some details in piece Positive vote it'll be .Even with this money though tough to make the 20th IMF payment


Spain's ruling elite accused of stealing €450m in state cash

ends week at fresh 11yr low despite lower short positions. Specs reduced their net shorts to 172,389 contracts.

Is only the Turkish Lira depreciating against the U.S. Dollar? Expectations and facts

& , united in their FX tumble amid political & economic challenges: w/

Via DJN: the Russian ruble rose beyond 60 per dollar for the first time since early 2015

Whiting Petroleum Seeks Buyer Amid Plunge in Crude Prices: wsj

Troika Tightening the Noose on Greece as Government Cash Crunch Worsens: "I begin to discern the profile of my...