Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MENA Report ( March 11-12 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War in focus ....... Iran nuclear talks and the political element regarding same in the US ....... Global ISIS War and implication on MENA and beyond..... Libya and Yemen - two cases of " Two Government " States bordering on becoming failed States

Links .... 3/12/15

As Iraq Invades Tikrit, ISIS Moves Against Ramadi
GOP Senate Aides: Iran Letter Was 'Lighthearted'
Defense Secretary: ISIS War Authorization 'Desperately Needed'

Iraq: 226 Killed in Fighting, 300 Found in Mass Graves

Stuxnet Leak Probe Stalls for Fear of Confirming US-Israel Involvement

Iraqi FM Dismisses Saudi Worries About Iranian Control

Turkey Shuts Border Crossings as Fighting Worsens Around Syria's Aleppo

UN: War Plunged 80 Percent of Syrians Into Poverty

Kerry: Congress Doesn't Have Right to Change Deal With Iran, Once Signed

Yemen Protesters Demand Return of Former Autocrat's Son

Links..... 3/11/15

GOP Senators' Iran Letter Raises Talk of Treason

Iraq Forces Claim ISIS Is Retreating in Tikrit

Lebanese ISIS Recruits Getting Trained in Syria

Israeli FM Calls for Beheading 'Disloyal' Arabs
Iraq: Dozens Killed in Battles in Tikrit and Anbar

Israeli Soldiers Come Under Fire Along Syrian Border in Golan Heights

Dozens Escape ISIS-Run Jail in Syria: Monitor

Republicans and Iran Deal Opponents Are Funded by the Same Mega-Donors

Iran to GOP: US Laws Do Not Apply

EU's Mogherini to Hold Meeting on Iran Talks in Brussels Next Week

Xinjiang Boss Says Chinese Extremists Fighting With ISIS

Return of ISIS Fighters Likely to Rejuvenate Terrorism in Indonesia: Expert

Jordan King: Palestinian Peace Deal Needed to Defeat ISIS

Tweets..... 3/12/15

Asia Times Online :: Libya, ISIS and the unaffordable luxury of hindsight: Gaddafi apparently was on to something.

Iran, Hezbollah gain foothold in Golan

Hezbollah at ease internally, eyes key south Syria battles

U.S. cannot defend its Syria recruits against Assad forces

ISIS lashes out after battlefield losses

Four years on, Syria’s civil war eclipsed by ISIS terror

Wow. : 20,000 members of Shia Militias funded/trained by are fighting in Tikrit .


Japan tourism site hit by pro-ISIS hackers

Lebanon presidential vote postponed to April 2

ISIS Syria-Iraq communication lines smashed: coalition

ISIS in major assault on Syria border town Ras al-Ain: activists

Saudi jails rights group founder for 10 years: activists

Terror suspect headed to Saudi arrested in Beirut

Deputy Foreign Minister of says, " ideologies can only be defeated by "

Yemen’s Houthis Seek Iran, Russia, and China ties |

Houthi leader accuses Gulf states of backing al Qaeda in Yemen - Reuters

RT : Check out today's Situation Report on for

's deputy foreign minister criticized Hadi's reemergence in politics

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