Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Europe Watch ( March 11 , 2015 ) ECB to reject Greece requests w/o complying with Troika demands ( no earnings from SMPS and no increase in the amount of T-Bills Greek Banks can purchase from 15 bn euro level ) , Greece threatens to seize German property regarding reparations as cash continues to dwindle - Germany tells Greece to talk to the hand re : reparations ..... QE impacts on debt yields continues , euro breaks below 1.06 level as rout vs dollar continues.....Berlusconi acquitted ....


Euro hits fresh 12-year low against dollar

Berlusconi wins big victory on acquittal

Good luck with that RT : Athens threatens to seize German assets over WWII reparations

EC Confirms Talks To Begin Today, Talks Are Technical, Private. Heard Talk Earlier That The Meeting Had Been Delayed Until Tomorrow

* Euro falls below $1.06 for first time since April 2003 to trade at $1.0599, down 0.9 pct on day - RTRS

Today's T-bills auction covered by Greek banks, no interest from foreign banks (via )

sells 1.3bln in 13-weeks T-bills, uniform yield 2.70% vs 2.50% in Feb TR : DJ: Στο 2,70% η απόδοση στα έντοκα τριών μηνώ

All German yields out to July 2022 are negative:

my information is that after scraping the cash out of the pension funds< HFSF etc, Athens really has no other source of cash

in free fall: Now trades at $1.0562.

Neg yields don't spoil Investors appetite: sold 2yr Schatz at -0.24%. €5bn offer received €8.887bn bids.

Greek Social Insurance Min Stratoulis: The German Europe is over. When is elected in Nov, things will be worse for . (ANA)

US Dollar trades above parity w/ Swiss Franc for 1st time since Jan15 when depegged Franc from Euro.

Nowotny says too early to talk about adjusting monthly QE amount. And there it is: ECB tacit admission will run out of bonds to buy

Euro In Freefall, Dollar Surge Accelerates; Futures Rebound On USDJPY Rise; Greece On The Ropes

FinMin spox Jäger: We won't negotiate about Nazi era-related Greek claims. |

Merkel hasn't discussed Greek reparations with Tsipras: German gov't spox Seibert /via

'Institutions' technical teams to start inspection at Finance Ministry's General Accounting Office in Athens tomorrow ~

Dijsselbloem in the spotlight over ABN Amro fraud case /via