Monday, March 9, 2015

Greece Reform Proposals rejected by Greece's Creditors ( March 9 , 2015 ) - Eurogroup on Monday March 9 , 2015 unlikely to proceed to any decisions as Greece proposals seem destined to go nowhere fast , referendum unlikely in Greece on fiscal issues ..... QE from the ECB commences and bonds except for Greece catch a bid...... Spain becoming a four party nation with the rise of both Podemos and Ciudadanos..... Austria in focus as gurantees take on new emphasis after HETA debacle

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Eurogroup Humiliation Of Greece Complete: The Troika Is Coming Back To Athens

's Dijsselbloem is saying that today's talks w/ were a "complete waste of time."

De-Dollarization Encircles The Globe As China Completes Alternative, May Launch As Soon As September.

So re liquidity, 's hot issue, Dijsselbloem says no payments til agrmnt w 'Institutions' & implementation and T-bills are ECB's issue

Dijsselbloem on : We will not discuss early disbursements without agreement & without implementation.

gov't has enough cash to pay back IMF 2nd loan installment of €350ml on March 13th ~RTRS | ← Rest of March €680ml installments too.

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The moment of truth is approaching

Greek opposition party: finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is "dangerous for the country" and should be replaced

says expects no decisions on today

Art.44 of Greek Constitution forbids a referendum on a fiscal issue, excludes to be precise acc. to :

German Bunds rally as said to begin buying German Government bonds under QE plan. 10yr yields drop to 0.36%.

gives the Eurozone party pooper: FTSE Greek banking index starts 5.5% lower to the week.

Greek tensions revived as EU rejects reform list as inadequate. 's default risk at 66%.

After Podemos, the swift poll surge of Ciudadanos means may become a four-party country. Our new blog post:

DepFinMin does not expect concrete Eurogroup decision on ; Referendum wd only lead to a delay in reform implementation ~RTRS

Defense Min Kammenos: If Europe “hits” Greece, we will suspend Dublin II and we send immigrants to Berlin. /via

govt doesn’t see a referendum as a baseline scenario, spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis says by phone today ~