Sunday, March 8, 2015

Financial and Economic News For March 8 , 2015 - Austria debt nightmare ( HETA ) and its broader implications ..... Four Party Spain ...... Ahead of the latest Eurogroup meetings , items of note touching on Greece..... China in focus ( Trade numbers - exports / imports / trade surplus data )


's govt stands at more than 100% of , up from 40% in early 2014.

's debt payments to 2017 add up to $27bil; dwarfing their $5bil in foreign reserves.

SNB considering higher negative interest rates: Schweiz am Sonntag

Austria is fast becoming Europe's latest debt nightmare- Europe's debt crisis may barely have begun!!

More on the implications of that Hypo Alpe Adria disaster. A European Argentina:

Greek Reform Plans ’Far From’ Complete, Dijsselbloem Says. -> The Institutions Formerly Known As The Troika (TIFKATT) are coming

Greece has a total of €2 billion in debt service between T-Bill redemptions and IMF payments this Friday

Greece "Risks Bankruptcy" As Europe Rejects Varoufakis Payment Plan; Another Referendum Fiasco Ensues

Time is running short for Greece as won't agree to issuing more short-term debt, ECB's Coeure says.

FinMin posts statement on invw w/. Says there was no discussion of € referendum

FinMin Varoufakis: If no deal possible w the Eurozone, we'll call a referendum on the or new elections

Varoufakis & Tsipras' interviews have diminished any chance for return of deposits to 's banks. New capital flight likely now.

FAZ w brutal anonymous quotes frm Berlin/Brussels officials: Varoufakis "a complete failure", his reform letter "unhelpful" ~

Berlin/Brussels sources in FAS newspaper call new Athens government "incredibly incompetent coffeehouse revolutionaries" ~

RT : : Chinese exports point to strengthening US/European economies but also Russia woes

CHINA FEB. TRADE SURPLUS $60.62B; EST. $6B SURPLUS. Looks like the copper funding deals are back

CHINA'S FEB. IMPORTS FALL 20.1% Y/Y IN YUAN TERMS; CHINA'S FEB. EXPORTS RISE 48.9% Y/Y IN YUAN TERMS. Looks like goalseek.xls reffed out