Monday, March 30, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( March 30 , 2015 ) - Greece continues to be center of focus as Reforms List Talks Faltered Over The Weekend..... Japan Industrial Production falls sharply for February , While China sees housing prices collapse ...... Iran deal could impact price of oil if Tehran floods markets..... Australia to start taxing bank deposits .... Additional items of interest !


and in open hostility over bailout program

Let the " Hunger games" begin!

Tsipras needs rupture with his far-left faction, not euro. My latest column

Today, called an unscheduled meeting in the parliament re: negotiations. Today, pensions are also being paid in .

Creditors - Greece discussions on reforms starting today in Athens from scratch. via

German Fin Min spokesman says there has been no date scheduled as of yet for a Eurogroup meeting regarding ()

risk continues to rise. 's 5yr default probability jumps to almost 80%.

| As reported Euroworking Group wll have a teleconference on Wed to take stock of negotiations, confirms /via

's delegation at presented reform proposals only in e-form for mobile devices and in Greek ~EU official to

Troika needs another "fact finding mission" in Athens ... BOOTS ON THE GROUND

German FinMin spokesperson: hasn't submitted proposals to Euro area. Talks on reforms continuing. (BBG)

Spain HICP Inflation "This increase is mainly explained by the increase in the prices of fuels (gas and diesel oil)"

Non wage costs as % of labour costs France 33.1% Italy 28.2% Germany 22.3% Spain 26.0% UK 16.5% And which country is creating most jobs?


Austria's public debt surges to 84.5% of GDP at end 2014 on HETA, up from 80.9% at end 2013 H/t

Japan's industrial momentum splutters in February. Output down 3.4% m-o-m and 2.6% y-o-y.

MNI: PBoC ease mortgage policy as housing prices have collapsed.

Le Pen's National Front comes second after Sarkozy at local elections, second success in a row

Local elections deal blow to Hollande

IMF quota reform stalled over US Congress’ position — Russian Foreign Ministry

US billionaire George Soros ready to invest $1 billion in Ukrainian economy