Sunday, March 29, 2015

Economic News And Views ( March 29 , 2015 ) - UK may already losing sway in Europe ( even before its BREXIT vote occurs ) ...... China led AIIB continues to attract participants ( Russia , Netherlands likely to join , Australia latest to support , World Bank feeling heat ) ...... Greece talks with Creditors over Reforms List continues over the weekend ( What does Tsipras need to do to move forward , status of Talks and possible interim relief - timing of a Eurogroup meeting very much in flux and may not come as quickly as Greece may need to avoid a cash crunch ) ....Future of Eurozone - doubts creeping in......Future of Ukraine President Poreshenko - US standing firm or likely to hedge its bets ( Additional items touching upon Ukraine and Russia ) ..... Some thoughts on effects of QE and Fed Policy - deep thoughts !


Even before any vote, UK losing sway in .

More countries like and the Netherlands say to join -backed investment bank.

Australia latest to support China-led bank

Does have guts to break with his left faction? That's what's needed to save Greece. My column

| Syriza party leadership to meet 1230 GMT, Cabinet Council to convene 1600 GMT. Tsipras to consult with party leaders & ministers.

| 's Theodorakis: PM Tsipras faces a crucial dilemma: Agreement with the Eurozone or Grexit and national disaster.

could release €1bn subtranche for before April 8 if agreement reached at on reform list ~

Looks like Greece has capitulated on privatizations. The controversial Piraeus port deal is back on

PM Tsipras interview in : Rift with corruption, agreement w Eurozone. I'm not discussing 3rd bailout

Can the Eurozone Survive? Not in Its Current Form Says PIMCO; Mish Response

Germans loose further confidence in the Euro. Only 56% expect Euro to survive in next 10yrs, down from 72% in Sep2014

still at risk? could hedge bets on its choice of oligarchs

ready to play favorites with Chinese banks

Bank feels push to reform in response to new Chinese rival

Finally The "Very Serious People" Get It: QE Will "Permanently Impair Living Standards For Generations To Come"

Kyle Bass Warns "The Fed Is Backed Into A Corner... Equities Are My Biggest Liquidity Worry"