Wednesday, February 18, 2015

War against ISIS - In Context of Iraq / Syria Regional War - Updates for February 18 , 2015....


US Will Let Syrian Rebels Call In Airstrikes

Fearing Invasion by ISIS, Italy Set to Attack Libya

UN Envoy: Syria Offers to Halt Aleppo Strikes for Six Weeks

Turkey, US Agree to Train Syrian Rebels, but Not on Who Enemy Is

167 Killed Across Iraq; Concerns Over 10,000 Women Trafficked Into Slavery


BREAKING Battles in and around Aleppo have killed 150 combatants since Tuesday: activist group

Our updated map in : al areas of operation in

Fighting in al Bayda between and local tribesmen injured or killed over 30

arrests more than 180 in as the campaign of writing “Long Live Peshmerga” on the city walls continue.

" fighters will go anywhere in if needed and there is coordination between us and the ...

Analysis: embarks on ambitious anti-terror campaign

Expert: seizing may take 10 months, 30,000 troops