Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greece Cash Runs Low , even as Greece Prepares Request For extension Of Loan Agreement With Troika ( February 18 , 2015 ) - Bonds and stocks rejoice even if the German reaction has been negative and outlook with " Institutions " aka Troika is cloudy on " loan agreement extension request....... Ukraine situation continues to see fighting at Debaltseve with Ukrainian forces trapped and either surrendering or retreating ........ additional items of note touching upon Ukraine - Russia situation .....



Greece likens Germany to the Nazis according to . That should help negotiations

German FinMin spox: "We do not know what the Greek application for an extension [of current prog] looks like, if it is being asked for."

Program extension needs Greek pledge to complete it: Germn FinMin spox Jäger /via | ← Game on.

No special meeting on scheduled yet: German FinMin spox Jäger

French FinMin Sapin Expects Greek Accord To Come This Week ~BBG

German FinMin Spokesperson: Reform measures inseparable from Greek bailout extension.

Despite saying in no rush, docs admit "short term cash flow problem" & "very exceptional pressure" on funding

German source: "loan agreement" will be hard 2 b voted by Parliament since its only part of the rescue package,how can u extend just a part?

economy minister Gabriel says welcomes signal from Greek government that it is ready to negotiate ~RTRS /via

EU’s Juncker Insists On Greek Compliance With Financial Obligations /via

govt tells me will send written request today/tomorrow for loan extension but position not changed re wanting to discuss conditions

The FT on expected Greek request for loan extension: "German officials say there is no legal means for making such a loan"

After days of saying ball in 's court, now in 's: Does he call for extension request largely rejected Mon

Greek gov't spokesman confirms Athens will submit request for loan extension today

Schaeuble pours cold water on loan extension plan

While requesting extension is positive, just looking to extend credit but not conditions doesn't really bring sides much closer

's 5yr default probability - seen by markets - drops to 76.8% on bailout hopes.

Peripheral bond yields dip and spreads shrink as says to request loan extension

What crisis? Stock values hit record despite Greek impasse & Ukraine. Combined mkt cap $66.9trn equals 90% global GDP

's yields drop on Greek bailout hopes. Greek 3yr down 114bps.

says will submit loan extension request on Wednesday. Greek banking index up 6%.

faces resistance to extra ELA funds for banks -sources /via

'Just saying "we need more money and we won't do anything anymore", that won't work' ~Schäuble /via @tegesthemen

Localised currency MT A maverick currency scheme from the 1930s could save Greek economy

Ukraine Situation.....

Ominous.... Ukrainian currency falls to new record low as cease-fire shaken

Poroshenko says planned withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from besieged Debaltseve is nearly complete, according to Interfax. 80% of troops out

Some pro-govt forces start pulling out of besieged Ukraine town ; Ukraine sov 5-yr CDS soar by almost 1000bps to 3669

Around 3,000 Ukrainian troops remain surrounded in

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers turning over weapons in

Russia and agree new contract

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BREAKING: West already supplies arms to Kiev, but Moscow optimistic about Minsk deal