Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mena Report - February 21-22 , 2015 - Iraq - Syria Regional War in focus , ISIS war in focus , Iran Talks in focus , Libya in focus


ISIS' Many Enemies Fighting Among Themselves

Pentagon Doubts Its Own ISIS War Plan

ISIS Kills 45 in East Libya Suicide Bombings

CIA's Iran Nuclear-Bomb Sting Spurs IAEA Review

US Ground Troops Likely to Join 'Spring Offensive' Against Mosul

Egyptians Flee Libya Amid Fear of Growing Airstrikes

Dozens Executed in Iraq, 145 Killed Overall

Inside the ISIS 'Capital': No End in Sight to Its Grim Rule

Monitor Says Syrian Army and Allies Killed 48 in Aleppo Offensive

Nuclear Talks: Presence of US and Iranian Energy Officials Could Signal Shift

Iraqis Worry They Won't Be Ready for Mosul Operation

72 Killed in Iraq Friday

Yemen Rebels Use Increasingly Brutal Tactics Against Demonstrators



Iraqi minister chides U.S. over Mosul assault timing

rejects motion to probe activities in : report

state-run TV: "Turkey goes beyond supporting ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist gangs to launch a blatant...

rejects land offensive against , for now  via

Kerry says deal not imminent as Iran, US energy chiefs join talks

Netanyahu: Coming month 'critical' to stop Iran nuclear deal

Rockets target Libya airfield used by renegade general

Iraqis worry they won't be ready for Mosul operation


Turkish diplomat files complaint against over hostage crisis in

Our updated map in : al areas of operation in

Syria forces kill 10 children of alleged rebels: activists

Top US, Iranian nuke officials joining Iran talks

admin gives cover to Shiite militia abuses: Ex U.S. official

Former leader of Abdrabbuh Hadi has fled the capital of Sanaa, after weeks of house-arrest by Houthi rebels, forcing him to resign.

Defence Secretary Ash Carter has said the precise time of offensive will not be released.

Kurdistan's right to secede: The case for a new state in Northern Iraq

FRONT PAGE: Aleppo villages proving decisive; Nusra backstabs FSA; SNHR: Regime burned 82 to death


The FSA's al-Liwa a-Sadis brigade issued an announcement Wednesday clarifying the circumstances of Jabhat a-Nusra's Monday raid on their headquarters in the Jabal a-Zawiya region of Idlib province.
On Monday, Nusra abducted al-Liwa a-Sadis's top general and military commander, placing them at the front of large military columns and entering the al-Liwa a-Sadis-held town of Ein La-Roz in Jabal a-Zawiya. Using the men as hostages, Nusra entered the village and raided stores of humanitarian aid, weapons and ammunition.
Nusra captured the Liwa fighters who did not manage to flee, Juma al-Idlibi, alias of a citizen journalist in Jabal a-Zawiya, told Syria Direct on Thursday.
Nusra attacked the village “because it is the highest peak in Jabal a-Zawiya, and looks out of Sahl al-Ghab...and the entire southern Idlib countryside,” he said.
Nusra and al-Liwa a-Sadis had signed a previous non-aggression agreement with Ahrar a-Sham moderating. The FSA brigade imparted full responsibility on Ahrar a-Sham for the breach of trust.


"We mourn together" & " never dies" signs held @ today's protest against IS strike on Gubba

AFP: Experts say finding solution daunting task for world; says Libya is "running out of time"

Protestors in today: & help terrorists by not supporting |an Army efforts to protect civilians