Saturday, February 14, 2015

MENA and ISIS Weekend Update - February 14 - 15 , 2015 - Iraq/ Syria Regional War in focus , Yemen in focus , ISIS Impacts in focus ......Bahrain and Libya in focus ...... News and Views Reflecting the Turbulent times We Live In !


Escalation: US Sending Ground Troops to Kuwait

Talk of Push Against ISIS, But Iraqi Troops Likely Not Ready

Collapse of Yemen Took US by Surprise

Pentagon: ISIS Afghan Expansion 'Of Great Concern'

Fighting Continues in Anbar; 179 Killed in Iraq

US Moving to Resupply Jordan's Military With Munitions

Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Sent Obama Secret Letter: WSJ

Egypt Ready for Libya Evacuations as ISIS Hostage Photos Emerge

Al-Qaeda Freed 6 Inmates in Yemen Prison Attack, Officials Say

Yemen Unrest: Saudi Arabia Closes Embassy

Germany, Italy Close Embassies in Yemen Due to Security Fears


in forces Interior Ministry staff to swear allegiance to Islamic State"Emir"Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

Bahrain police fire tear gas as protests mark uprising

France hails 'historic' jet sale to Egypt despite rights concerns

Assad part of solution in Syria: U.N. envoy

faces continual power outages 

No negotiations will take place with , ministry of has said.

Protest erupts over caged images

Update: An earlier picture posted mistakingly identified the caged procession of alleged Peshmerga in Kirkuk, as opposed to .

releases footage alleging to show 17 in caged procession through the city of .

attack repelled on an air base in by army, where hundreds of marines are housed — military officials have said.

led coalition forces have conducted 15 airstrikes in and against sites in the last 24...

Mosul blogger suggests the city is slipping out of ISIS' control, burning of pilot caused change in attitudes: