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Greece Update - February 14 , 2015 - Ahead of Monday's Importany EuroGroup Meeting , Items of note on Greece !


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| Tsipras gauges ministers before talks resume via Deal Monday seems unlikely

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Κυβέρνηση: Υπήρξαν απειλές ότι χωρίς παράταση δεν θα υπήρχε συνέχεια

The Greek goverment leaked a document giving their side of what happened in the negotiation breakdown on Wednesday. Alan provided a rough translation here.

Hey everyone, long time no see. Alan here in Greece. There was a non-paper “leaked” by the Greek government this evening which reports on the negotiations so far. I think it is useful in assessing the Greek side in the negotiations and how they see things up to now. Point 3 in particular is important as a critical bluff was called. Here is a rough google translation which I quickly edited a bit wherever the meaning was either lost or turned upside down (not a clean job but sufficient I hope, apologies):
“Athens Greece
In a non-paper of the government published by the Athens News Agency, it was revealed by government officials that “in the Eurogroup Wednesday there were threats that if we would not sign the extension of the Memorandum then there would be no further consultations.”
In informal note of the Government presents ten points with political and technocratic content with which evaluates positively the negotiations in recent days between government and lenders and identifies broadly and directions of work to be done until the next meeting of the Eurogroup Monday.
On 8pm meeting the Governing Council to the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to inform members of the government on the progress of negotiations.
According to the Government, the technical committees will immediately begin their work will prepare two documents, one for each side, through which both sides can immediately see what points of disagreement and agreement on what and which to be negotiated.
The Government states that it has not reached all the way up to an agreement, but there have been serious steps.
In particular, the valuation of the government is the following:
1. The Government is fully satisfied and optimistic of the work in Eurogroup and Summit. We continue with sobriety and determination. Within 20 days the new Greek government managed to achieve at European level what could not be done by three governments in five years.
2. A key conclusion is that the contacts made throughout the previous period, of the Greek government at the level of Heads of State, but also finance ministers, as demonstrated in practice, brought results. This is evidenced by the fact that the attitude of the countries visited by the Greek Prime Minister was supportive of the Greek government at the Summit. In particular, the leaders of France, Italy, Austria, Cyprus and Belgium kept a positive attitude. Therefore, diplomatic contacts preceding Brussels was not of communicative character, but had political substance.
3. In the Eurogroup on Wednesday there were threats that if we did not sign the extension of the Memorandum then there would not be any further consultations. Many accused us that we chose the rupture, because we refused to sign the joint communication plan. [However], [b]y the next morning, the movement of Greek government proved correct. The same Mr. Ntaiselmploum sought contact with the Greek prime minister and said that talks can begin on a technical level to find common ground with the Greek government positions. We did not sign, [yet] we have already begun discussions on transition from the Memorandum in our program. On Monday, of course, will meet and the Eurogroup, while the technical ranks Greece and the EU, have already begun cooperation on Friday morning, the processing of the positions of both parties.
4. Technical echelons do not negotiate or criticize positions. Record the points of convergence, identify deviations. On Monday, that is, the Eurogroup will have two, equally and equitably, texts – one of the Greek side and one of the European Commission. Texts through which both sides can immediately see what points of disagreement in which agreement.
5. The troika has run a monitoring model, surveillance and enforcement policies. Watch for the troika stopped on 25 January. Time is not turning back.
6. The Greek government will persist, as shown, in complete agreement with our [EU] partners in the fight against corruption, tax evasion and public administration reform.
7. The Government believes that policies that failed should be abandoned. For this reason there are categories; actions, such as labor, the primary surplus and privatization, which are not placed under negotiation. The property of the Greek State can not be sold out. On the contrary it can be utilized for the benefit of society, for example, the social security system.
8. Priority for the new Greek government is halting the humanitarian crisis and restarting the economy. Surplus well below 3% of GDP is the 2015 target, exactly that will serve.
9. The government understands that there are places where there is no common understanding. Such as “reform” health, dismissals of civil servants, the pension system, etc.
10. We have not covered all the way up to the agreement, but there have been serious steps made.”
Here the original article in Greek:

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