Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yemen breakdown as Houthi Rebwls force Government to resign - January 22 , 2015 ! Success story fails and implications are still being measured !



Yemen Chaos Throws a Wrench in US Drone War

How al-Qaeda's Biggest Enemy Took Over Yemen

Tweets.... 1/23/15....

: parliament to hold emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss resignation of , per

Yemen crisis: A coup in all but name

Tweets - 1/22/15....

Government :We Choose to Distance Ourselves from Destructive Chaos. Statement of Resignation via

AJA announcing that "Saba" state (Marib + Jawf + Baidha) "leaders" will join Aden & Hadhramaut & calls on Janad (Taiz & Ibb) to join

Technically, Hadi is still Pres of Yemen as the outdated constitution requires Parliament to accept his resignation or try again in 3 months

Technically speaking under int. law - Southerns can declare cessation from Yemen but recognition is another issue entirely.

Yemen's President, Cabinet Reportedly Resign Amid Political Chaos