Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Regional War ( Iraq / Syria / ISIS ) - January 20 , 2015 - Focus on battlefield and political wars touching on Iraq / Syria / ISIS / Libya / Yemen / Lebanon


Israel Kills Iranian General in Syria Attack

Evening Tweets....

Modest goals for Moscow Syria talks

Syria PM defends economic policy after price hikes

. on the 'West’s quiet retreat from its demand that Bashar al-Assad step down immediately.'

Libyan representative missing in

OPINION: 'Are and Israel on the verge of open war?'

Iraq VP Allawi to for WEF Oil Minister Abdulmahdi to for Arab Energy Summit FM Jafari to for Anti-ISIS FMs meeting

Iraq VP Al-Nujaifi decides to hold a 'Sunni Only' meeting with gov ministers Defence, Electricity, Economics, Env'nt

Morning Tweets......

UPDATE: says will not 'give in to terrorism' after kidnapping

MORE: reportedly threatens to kill two hostages, demands $200mln

Syria faces anger over fuel, bread price hikes

Russia, Iran will sign agreement on military-technical cooperation - Russian Defense Minister

Open War between & Unlikely after strike. I argue it ll be measured

Israel’s Syria Strike: Is it trying to Help al-Qaeda vs. Hizbullah & Iran?

Hizbollah jst changed their official media homepage 2 pic of Nasralla telling Israeli to "prepare thr bomb shelters"

Hezbollah silent on retaliation plans

Huge blaze destroys Tripoli's largest supermarket

Daesh, the Islamic State, has said that it set the fire which devastated Tripoli’s largest supermarket today, in a midday blaze that it may yet turn out to have claimed lives . . .

Iraqi agriculture drops 40% under IS control

Jihad Mughniyah, son of Imad, so close with Soleimani that some thought they were father-son.

minister of finance asks all government departments to reduce expenses by 50 percent.

In a meeting with Vladimir Putin's envoy in , Vice President Nuri al- called for activation of...

In a meeting with Vladimir Putin's envoy in #Baghdad, Vice President Nuri al-#Malikicalled for activation of prior agreements signed between Baghdad and #Moscow.

Houthis accused of coup after Sanaa battles