Saturday, January 17, 2015

Iraq / Syria Regional War Update ( January 17-18 , 2015 Weekend Report ) - Fast moving battlefront and political news on Iraq and Syria .... Regional items such as the ironic Saudi 600 mile wall , items of note from Lebanon , Turkey , Israel ..... Updated as relevant

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Pentagon: 1,000 Troops to Train ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Force

First Troops Heading to Qatar to Begin Training

by Jason Ditz, January 16, 2015
The Pentagon has offered some of the first details of the long-standing plan to create a new “moderate” Syrian rebel force out of wholecloth to fight both ISIS and the Assad government.
Officials say the program is going to involve around 1,000 troops, split between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar.400 troops are said to be heading for Qatar to begin the training.
Though it was initially believed the training would center around existing pro-US factions in the rebellion, the Pentagon has since revealed they intend to form an entirely new faction.
They’ve also said they believe it will take at least a year for this force to be capable of any operations, from the time that the training begins. It remains to be seen how many recruits they’ll be able to get, and whether these factions will be any more effective than the previous pro-US rebels.

Bombers Strike Baghdad, 85 Killed Across Iraq

Iraqi Government Forming Shi'ite Militias in Kirkuk

Syrian State News Agency Attacks US Plan to Train Rebels

ISIS Planning to Launch Online TV Channel

Ankara Says 700 Turkish Nationals Have Joined ISIS, Posing Security Threat

Lebanon Absorbs Bomb Shock as Talks Ease Tensions


‘Sleeper cells’: 3,000 in Turkey linked to , police report says

Saudis build 600-mile wall in response to threat of invasion by ISIS

Ayatollah Sistani spokesman calls for urgent Budget review... it's based on unrealistic oil prices which may entail 'catastrophic results'

Syrian rebels and government forces reach truce in the last rebel-held area of the central city of Homs

Staffan de Mistura: " has now gone 40 yrs backwards from where it was." Remarks:

New leaks show has been supplying arms to al-Qaeda in -