Monday, January 26, 2015

Greece vs Europe ( January 26 , 2015 ) - Syriza wins in a landslide over New Democracy and forms Government with Independent Greeks - annd the European Establishment wastes no time in threatening Greece to stay in its place and follow orders or Else !

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Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Ireland Proposes Debt Restructuring Conference for Spain, Greece, via

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Dutch Central Bank President Cites "Financial Bubbles", Voices Stro via

"If Greece falls and is removed from the Eurozone, the Eurozone will collapse", Syriza economics spokesperson tells


Greece Is Bear Stearns. Italy Is Lehman" - 7 Quick Points On Europe



#5) Market complacency on Greece is a mistake. Not because Greece itself is a huge systemic threat, but because the same political dynamics in Greece are coming soon to Italy. Greece is Bear Stearns. Italy is Lehman.


Chart: Pressure on the ruble is back on -

New on MoA: Should Syriza's Choose The Soft Or The Hard Path? -

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Greek bond mkt sell-off accelerates. 's 3yr yields jump by 166bps to 11.7% on higher risk.

Jean-Marie Le Pen's house is on fire

Geithner about Europe on Greece: "We’re going to teach the Greeks a lesson... and we’re going to crush them”

Geithner on Greece: “They were mad and angry and hey were like: "Definitely get out the bats.” They just wanted to take a bat to them"


“it’s unfathomable to make Finnish taxpayers pay for Greek stimulus policies” Finnish PM Alexander Stubb

“The Greeks have the right to vote for whom they want. We have the right to no longer finance Greek debt” Merkel deputy Hans-Peter Friedrich

Commission spox: "Ready to hold talks with new Greek government as soon as its formed & to help w/further structural reforms"

Talks between SYRIZA leader Tsipras & Independent Greeks chief Kammenos end in agreement. Coalition gov't to be formed

Eurogroup's Dijsselbloem: Membership of means you comply w/ what has already been agreed.

's Dijsselbloem: Will discuss possible extension of bailout program in eurogroup today, and with .

German govt: must keep reform promises. Says Berlin will cooperate w/ next Greek govt. Germany still opposes greek debt relief. (DJ)

Tsipras has limited bargaining power as contagion seems to be contained. While 3yr Greek ylds up 116bps, Spain's unch

Complacency over : Yields of 9yr EFSF drop by 1bp despite loans to Greece are 77% of the assets of EFSF.

is flooded w/ capital. Swiss sovereign curve shows negative yields out to 10 years.

's Coeure: Must Pay Its Debt as Greece Owes Debt To Taxpayers, Not Speculators.

's Coeure: owes €40bn to 's taxpayers, €60bn to 's.

Investors rush into safe haven assets after Syriza victory. 10yr German Bund yields drop to fresh low of 0.34%.

Ruble weakens 2.2% vs Dollar suffering combined impact of WTI oil below $45/bbl and increased sanctions risk.