Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greece Election Day - January 25 , 2015 - A Primer Ahead of the Momentous Vote ....... Tweets for Exit polls , results and comments - as they come out ! Constantly updated !

Tweets - Exit polls , results and comments - as they come out ! Constantly updated !

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SYRIZA reported to have reached coalition deal with right-wing anti-bailout Independent Greeks

RT Kammenos confirms he is going to agree to take part in new govt tmr morning "there has already been a preliminary agreement"

first, horrible news from Greece: Syriza has agreed on a deal with right-wing ANEL, sources in Athens tell me

| Tsipras to be sworn-in as PM as early as tomorrow.

| Syriza-ANEL talks accelerated. Coalition deal imminent.

-ANEL coalition almost certain.That means radical left & semi-radical right join forces. Weird&unstable

MORE: Independent Greeks party confirms readiness to form coalition with Syriza

A supporter of Alexis Tsipras holds a Greek flag during a rally outside Athens University [AP]


leader Alexis Tsipras & supporters celebrate victory in Greece's general election

To Potami chief Theodorakis expected to meet with election winner Tsipras within next 48 hours

party ready to form coalition with – party leader

Potami leader Theodorakis says slim majority not enough for SYRIZA, makes it clear he is ready to discuss cooperation

Potami leader Theodorakis says SYRIZA need allies, "country' can't change with party with 151 MPS"

Independent Greeks leader Kammenos makes no mention of coalition in his speech but suggests he's open to cooperation

Ind Greeks leader Kammenos says he won't participate in coalition government if Potami also joins (via )

Theodorakis says Potami will support program to avoid second round of elections

Theodorakis opens door for co-operation with - but will Syriza accept?


“Greek leftists’ victory throws down challenge to euro establishment” MT Front page of tomorrow’s Financial Times

Outgoing PM Samaras conceding defeat at Zappeio Hall earlier today [Reuters]

Latest projection from Interior Min, on 149 seats

First set of results.....

Interior Ministry's first projection based on actual votes counted (1 of 3) SYRIZA 36.5% (150 seats) ND 27.7 (76)

1st estimate by Ministry of Interior (1 of 2)
SYRIZA 36.5 (150) ND 27.7 (76) G Dawn 6.3 (17) Potami 5.9 (16)

1st estimate by Ministry of Interior (2 of 2)
KKE 5.6 (15) PASOK 4.8 (13) Ind Grks 4.7 (13

Ο Ανδρέας Λοβέρδος μιλάει για το αποτέλεσμα και για την επόμενη μέρα στο ΠΑΣΟΚ

election results (20.46%): Syriza 35.23, ND 29.12, GDawn 6.28, Potami 5.65, KKE 5.29, PASOK 5.18, ANEL 4.63, KDS 2.51

| Metron Analysis' Fanaras [] forecast: Syriza 36 [150 seats], ND 28

Exit Polls ......

new NERIT exit poll: SYRIZA 36-38%, ND 26-28%, Potami & GD 6-7%, KKE 5-6%, PASOK 4.2-5.2%, ANEL 4-5%, KDS 2.2-3.2%.

Combined exit poll update (100%) (2 of 2): KKE 5-6%; PASOK 4.2-5.2; Independent Greeks 4-5; Movement 2.2-3.2


We are not afraid anymore I voted for Syriza

Combined exit polls: SYRIZA 35.5-39%; ND 23-27; Potami 6.4-8; GD 6.4-8; KKE 4.7-5.7; PASOK 4.2-5.2; Ind Grks 3.5-4.5


Exit poll, number of seats in the Greek Parliament


Acc to TV exit polls smaller parties have scored over 10pc, which should lower the overall majority threshold for (tks to

Tweets..... Early morning



Why Greece'€™s '€˜also ran'€™ parties are crucial - explains

ANALYSIS: Pressing economic tasks mounting up for next Greek government

We'll have exit polls, live election results in English & snap analysis through the night here:


We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system' .... prospect of power in Europe is "scary"

Video of GoldenDawn NeoNazis attack at district earlier today TRMT

RT 's website has a countdown, "hope is coming in six hours" ->

Who is exposed to ? the official sector of course! See table for breakdown by eurozone state