Saturday, January 31, 2015

Financial Wrap for January 31, 2015 - Greece moves forward with its plan to restore itself and shake off austerity and debt bondage , EU resistance clear and Germany forgets history .....Italy elects its new President Serrgio Mattarella .... US Bonds continue their strange and magical journey ....... Keep your eyes on China and the yuan...... 3.6 Trillion in NIRP Bonds ? Keep your eyes on Podemos in Spain !


ECB Threatens Athens With Bank Funding Cutoff If No Deal In One Month: February 28 Is Now D-Day For Greece

January’s consumer prices’ fell .6% yoy - their largest decline since July 2009.

Tsipras says Greece to repay ECB, IMF, reach deal with euro area

Huge "March for Change" in Madrid held by far-left Spanish party, Podemos

FinMin Varoufakis appoints Lazard as public debt & fiscal issues consultant ~statement

PM Tsipras to make statement, in an effort to mend ties with Eurozone partners following Varoufakis-Dijsselbloem showdown ~

Economic Historian: 'Germany Was Biggest Debt Transgressor of 20th Century'

Germany once held out its hands and the world forgave much more debt than at issue with Greece today. Germany should get off its high horse.........

’s FinMin Varoufakis says won't tear up existing bailout programme. Seeks ‘Bridge Program’ (BBG)

Chart: The treasury curve flattens further -

Merkel says no grounds to write off Greece’s debt

US softens Crimea ban to allow personal remittances

Chart: US 5yr 5yr forward TIPS breakeven inflation expectations -

Pictures tell all? .. how that awkward first date went

As China's Offshore Yuan Crashes To A 2 Year Low, Beijing Warns Its Citizens: "Don't Buy Dollars"

German finance ministry confirms that a new aid programme for Greece is not on the horizon, denying earlier Spiegel report ()

The new government may be operating without a financial safety net for the first time in five years by March after Varoufakis challenged the euro area to agree to a new framework of support that allows for more spending. Greece won’t engage with officials from the troika who have been policing the conditions of its rescue since 2010, he said at a joint press conference with Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem in Athens.

“We don’t plan to cooperate with that committee,” Varoufakis said. “The Greek state has a future, but what we won’t accept has a future is the self-perpetuating crisis of deflation and unsustainable debt.”


Total amount of government bonds with a negative yield last week was $3.6 trillion, or 16% of the JP Morgan Global Government Bond Index