Sunday, January 11, 2015

Financial News Report - January 11 , 2015 -- Focus on Europe items of note including - ECB QE Quandary , Gold , Greece potential for bank runs , Russia and Ukraine situations......


Chart: Treasury curve flattens to 2009 levels (30yr - 2yr spread) on lower inflation expectations -

No worries , right ?

"countries that print their own money can never really "run out of money"" - can only run out of REAL resources, not money

Arab Banking’s Schubert sees China starting a currency basket which would include gold

Deutsche Bank doesn't see eurozone QE until March, and warns "risk is that design of QE underwhelms the market".

Many of my Greek friends opened up British bank accounts over Christmas. Could be start of middle class exodus.

TROUBLE! Greek central bank says deposit outflow situation under control.

More losses loom for as rating heads to junk. Markets already treat Moscow as junk.

Bank of 's Visco warns of deflation risk, urges action on bond buying in interview

US Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) may deal in gold. Just like the ECB within their mandate.

Russia may demand early repayment of $3 billion lent to Ukraine - government source

Russia has every reason to demand early repayment of Ukraine's $3 billion debt, but no decision has been made yet

Why QE won’t resolve the eurozone’s fundamental money problem | The Exchange |

ECB's Lautenschlaeger says no need for ECB bond buying now, benefits do not outweigh costs ()