Friday, January 23, 2015

Europe Watch January 23 , 2015 - Euro in free-fall after ECB Qe decision ( $ 1.111 ) - parity a possibility ...... Swiss ten year at new low of -.30 as bond yields plummet generally ...... Greece and Greece Elections tidbits ...... Around the horn in Europe !

1/24/15.... Tweets

We are just beginning to see the second level effects from the SNB moves......

Poland , Romania and Croatia dealing  with fallout from Swiss Franc move by SNB.....

Banking crisis coming to Poland

Polish Finance Minister Mateusz Szczurek is prodding banks to abide by a pain-sharing agreement to help borrowers with $35 billion in Swiss-franc home loans or face pressure for more sweeping measures that may inflict losses.

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Tweets..... 1/23/15

Syriza Leads In 6 Polls; Leader Tsipras Shuns Merkel, Says "Won't Honor Commitments"

German FinMin Schäuble at : won't benefit from QE if refuses programs.

Russians forming lines in front of FX kiosks to sell their Euros

Why don't central banks just fast forward to the "helicopter" phase?

Swiss 10-year yield falls to new record low of minus 0.3%. That`s MINUS 0.3 per cent.

The euro is dropping like a ROCK. New low of just $1.111 versus dollar.

Bond yields this morning

new unpaid taxes at €1.27 bln in Dec (from €1.59 bln in Nov) & €13.77 bln in 2014. Outstanding tax debt at €73.79 bln.

Banks vs ECB: Banks to return €14.8bn of cris loans to ECB bringing total LTRO repay to €831bn

Russia's Shuvalov at . facing hard landing. Deeper cris than 2008. Mkt sees default probability at 33%.

Independent Greeks surge could Syriza - guest chart from

of SYRIZA with of at election rally at Omonia Square

SYRIZA's Tsipras: Voters' message will be no more memorandum, no more subjugation