Friday, December 19, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War - December 19 , 2014 - Focus on Iraq / Syria / Lebanon / Turkey / Iran Political and Battlefield related items ..... Media and journalists in the cross-hairs once again ( Iraq / Syria / Turkey ) ..... Notice the correlations !


1,000 Paratroopers Will Go to Iraq in Late January

Pentagon Claims ISIS War Cost $1 Billion So Far

US Sending 100s More Ground Troops to Iraq


A controversial draft law that curbs freedoms of expression and assembly has been resubmitted to the Iraqi parliament

Media organizations call for release of journalists by

The Syrian government is expressing its concerns on the irregular supply of Iranian oil -

UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura says freeze plan would not be a precursor for a division of the country

militias in northern looting, burning, fighting. Soon we will have to fight them, say .

tribes say the government won't arm them in the fight against because Iran doesn't want them to.

Iraq Kurds press fightback as top jihadi reported killed

One million people wounded, diseases spreading in Syria: WHO

Iranian Speaker Larijani expected in this weekend: report

Breaking: court releases daily Zaman's chief editor, arrests Samanyolu TV head

court orders arrest of four suspects in media operation

BREAKING: court issues arrest warrant for foe Gulen: reports

[EXCLUSIVE] An influential, unpublished report looks to radically revise notions of how to achieve peace in Syria.

Trapped by blockade, E. Ghouta residents build water-fueled turbines to generate electricity.

Amman // A fragile truce was holding on Syria’s southern front on Tuesday after Jabhat Al Nusra killed a senior commander in a western-backed rebel group, accusing his faction of being sleeper agents for ISIL.
Mousab Ali Qarfan, who also went by the name Mousab Zaytouneh, was a leading figure in the powerful Shuhada Al Yarmouk Brigades. He was killed by the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra in Sahem El Golan, along with three other fighters from his group, on Monday.
The Yarmouk Brigades are part of the western-affiliated rebel alliance, still commonly referred to as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which have been supported by the Military Operations Command (MOC) in Amman.
According to opposition sources monitoring Al Nusra, and information published on social media by activists close to the Al Qaeda affiliate, senior Al Nusra commanders believed Zaytouneh was secretly in league with the extremist militant group ISIL.
The Yarmouk Brigades are headed by Mohammad Al Baridi, known as Al Khal. They operate in southern Syria, including suburbs of Damascus. The unit headed by Zaytouneh operates in the south-west region of Deraa province, near the borders with Jordan and Israel.
There have been persistent rumours in rebel circles that various FSA brigades have secretly aligned themselves with ISIL, although none have been publicly named.
Moderate rebel commanders on the southern front denied the allegations about Al Khal, some saying the killing was part of an effort by Al Nusra to weaken a strong moderate rebel front.
Others said the claims of an ISIL connection were part of a psychological warfare programme by forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad, seeking to divide and weaken rebels as they make steady advances in the south.
Rebel commanders and activists in southern Syria said the situation was tense on Tuesday night, with fears moderate factions and Nusra were on the brink of war, fracturing what has been one of the most coherent fronts against Assad forces.


Syrian rebel Yarmouk Brigades ditch US and Israel allies, defect to ISIS

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Dec 17, 2014, 6:07 PM (IDT)
The Syrian rebel Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades, backed and trained in Jordan for two years by US officers and supported by the Israeli army, has abruptly dumped them and switched to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources reveal. This sudden defection leaves IDF defense formations on the Golan, US and Jordanian deployments in the northern part of the kingdom, and pro-Western rebel conquests in southern Syria in danger of collapse. ISIS gains direct access to a long section of Israel’s Golan border with Syria.