Saturday, December 20, 2014

Iraq / Regional War ( December 20 , 2014 ) - ISIS contained or not ? Items of note regionally pertaining to Turkey / Lebanon , Saudi Arabia / Egypt - notice role of Egypt growing ? Political and battlefield items for Iraq and Syria ...


US Ground Troops Battle ISIS in Western Iraq

Iraq's Shi'ite Fighters Desert Over Shortages

Group Accuses Iraqi Govt of Expelling Sunnis From Baghdad




New on MoA: Iraq: The Death Of The "Sunni National Guard" Idea -

Hezbollah puts senior operative on trial for treason


has executed 100 foreigners trying to quit: report


Reliable source says that it is not true that entered the town of .

A -based affiliated with the Movement in has been raided

publicly execute accused of planting trafficking devices for governmental air strikes — intelligence group revealed.

Iraqi Diyala residents face ISIS ‘water war’

: Saudi ministry says clashes in Awamiya killed four 'terrorists,' one of them involved in killing a soldier few days earlier

ISF: Coordinated operations on multiple fronts targetting ISIS - , , , mount and to west of

President : lacks objectivity regarding press freedom

President : Some groups exploit as a means to mask their hidden agendas

President : There were coup attempts against our government previously, even assassination attempts against myself

Lebanese security forces arrest 10 Syrians on terror charges

My latest on security on Lebanon border, from Shia Brital that sold weapons to rebels, now bastion


SW has updated our Control of Terrain in map. Baiji is now contested:

President Erdoğan says ‘closely following’ process against Gülen movement, lashes out at criticism over media freedom

Turkish court issues arrest warrant for Fethullah Gülen on charges of "being the leader of a criminal organization"

New Revelations Suggest Killing of Bashar al-Assad’s Brother-in-Law Was Inside Job

Speculation on blowing up inlaw Assef Shokat ongoing in region for while.Some believe it's why Assad sister & mom left to UAE

Hilarious account from the "Sunni army" that plans to take back Mosul within a month

containing requires multinational multilevel efforts

in the are not possible at the time being

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