Tuesday, December 30, 2014

European News Round up ( December 30 , 2014 ) - Greece Election anxiety , Ukraine situation , Russia and ruble in focus , Ebola in Scotland , ISIS , War on Terror impacts and Islamization fears ( Germany / France / Turkey / Sweden ) ..... And much more !

1/1/15 Updates !

Beautiful sunset over Berlin on New Years Day.

Another doom indicator for 2015? Govt Bond Markets had best year in more than a decade.

losing some of its reserve status. IMF shows a drop of USD124bn in Q3 EUR reserves. (via SG)

Ruble plunges another 5.2% vs Dollar as Crude Brent Oil hits fresh 5.5yr low at $55.81.

Buzz word in 1chart: 10yr UST-Bund spread almost equal to +169bp high reached in Jun1999. (via Pierpont)

state financing covered until around Mar20. (BBG)

Tweets..... 12/30/14

RUS CB reportedly spent $80M on 26 Dec to shore up ruble. Maybe traders anticipate another intervention?

Barrel of Brent crude oil is currently $57, exactly 50% lower than its June 2014 price of $114. See how the UK compa…

Euro dips to 29-month low as Greek vote sparks anxiety

SYRIZA lead over ND narrows to three points in Marc poll

Samaras has four weeks to trump SYRIZA on Greek economy

: 2nd patient being tested for in Scotland – first minister

should prepare for systematic attacks by in 2015 – French expert

Oil shares lead European indexes lower as crude hits new low: LONDON, Dec 30 (Reuters) - European shares fell ...

Syriza can transform the EU from within – if Europe will let it | Costas Lapavitsas via

a route for arms going to & Jabhat al-Nusra: report ~

While we're arming border guards, is ensuring its deluge of 1m Syrian get healthcare & schools

Kiev Hopes to Sign Ceasefire Protocol with Donetsk, Luhansk in OSCE Meeting / Sputnik International


Spain Dec. Flash Harmonized CPI -1.1% Y/y; Est. -0.7% Y/y

| Leading Syriza policymaker says will not run for Parliament in upcoming snap elections.

Two , two Wests - by Markar Esayan |DS Column

Ten bodies recovered from Italian ferry as MP blames disaster on ‘shameful’ shipping firms

Crisis brews again in Greece, but this time it's not spreading panic across Europe. A look at why that might be

Top critic of Russia's Putin escapes suggested 10 years in prison with just suspended sentence. Brother does not.

Greeks get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. By 's Vangelis Papavasiliou

Beijing's bail out of Russia, aid to Venezuela &Argentina, signals the death of post-war Bretton Woods world |W.Pesek

Now In front of the Spanish Embassy in Solidarity with political prisoners of