Saturday, November 1, 2014

Libya Updates ( November 1 , 2014 ) ISIS expansion - focus on Darnah ( Baghdadid proclaimedChief of Darnah Cailiphate ) , updates on internal and external political situations , updates on battles across Libya.

Tweets of the morning !

Army spokesman claims commercial flights bringing hi-tech weapons to Misrata

Imam steps down after threats from Libya Dawn supporter

Ibrahim Jadhran turns down Libya Dawn oil terminal deal

Last night in , : The second forum for pledging allegiance to Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Arab News - -n Army recaptures 4 barracks in

ANSAmed - : , Baghdadi proclaimed chief of Caliphate

Joint Communique on by the , the Arab League, the , France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain, UK and US

AFP - “3,000 Islamic State fighters are already based in ,” says expert

31 Oct 2014: A territorial control map of the war in between the -n National Army & .

Update: On the western side of : Heavy fighting around Kikla today. At least 21 killed and 50 injured up and down the mountain.

: While envoys met in Paris, 16 civilians & 14 fighters (excldg AS) killed in . Today 21 killed 50+ injured in/around

Brief Cairo kidnap of Libyan official sparks murky allegations

Benghazinos counts the fresh cost of 16 days of further fighting

Army makes gains in Benghazi as Islamist supporters flee their homes

Leading Libyan figures appeal to boycotters to join HoR and appoint a national unity government