Saturday, November 1, 2014

Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( November 1 - 3 , 2014 ) Best tweets of the morning covering the " Forever War "

Monday Tweets.....

urges UN to take necessary action in refugee crisis | Today's front page

'i army planning spring-offensive against with 20,000 soldiers claim "New York Times" -apparently with help of -forces on ground

: fighting in to stop US hegemony

Premier of says has not sent any force to librate .

Rebels try to defend village in Ghab plain against offensive of -forces

not inclined to help in hostage crisis: report

Masrour Barzani Chancellor of the region security council says nearly 200 Kurds are fighting along...

Front sweeps aside U.S.-backed rebels

warplanes launch first airstrike in

headhunts oil industry professionals to manage fields and refineries

US warplanes continued to pound positions near Kobane. According to the , in the last 24 hours, ...

Rudaw reporter: Two bomb blasts killed 13 pilgrimages and wounded 33 others in center and west of .

PM Barzani: Baghdad Uses People’s Money as Trump card in Political Disputes...

Security sources: Clashes broke out between and the Shia militias near Balad district. The sources said, its...

ISIS mass executions of Sunni Muslim men, women and children in continues. Read this

; Situation Report; Nov 1-2 (via )

Reports say that IS leadership upset with recent reverses and have gotten rid of a bunch of commanders

IS executes another 50 from Albu Nimr tribe in Anbar Last two days has been men women & kids Before it was just male fighters

McClatchy Breaking News: In setback, Islamic State, Nusra combine to rout US-backed forces in Syria

At least 1,273 people were killed in just in October - Special UN Representative

lashes out at ‘double standards’ of West over

slaughters ex-police and army officers in Iraq – report

delegation met with ambassador Stuart E. Jones in today, where he emphasised support for .

Additional military advisers for Anbar not ruled out

in and ‘ready to fight’

drives -backed rebels from northern bastion

against safe corridors with :

Very significant losses for US-backed FSA in - reports that Jabhat al-Nusra now controls all of Jebel al-Zawiyah, inc. Deir Sunbul.

Major advances in Rif Homs: Sha'ir gas field captured, Mahin, IS likely aiming to isolate Tiyas military airport:

New on MoA: Syria: Pro-Nusra "Rebels" Turn Anti-Nusra "Rebels" Turn Dead -

Steep escalation in US/ allied campaign against Islamic State in Iraq/ Syria. 435 strikes in October (up 44% on Sept)

16000 Foreign fighter in from 80 countries. And that without counting Shia militias. Afghanistan was a picnic.

IS-fighter: "Believe me, a lot of car bombs and suicide bombers are waiting for them." [Iraqi Kurds going to Kobani]

Are 's Shia about to separate from Iraq itself? The question is more relevant than at any point since 1927