Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Libya Updates ( October 21 , 2014 ) Reporting on the Chaotic State of Affairs ......As Noted by The Economist " Libya Is Dangerously Divided ...... A Country On The Edge "

Kikla said to be "holding out"

Two security guards at Benghazi's Man-Made River headquarters killed

At least five killed in clashes as violence continues in Benghazi

Overview - The Economist......

Libya is dangerously divided. Our looks at a country on the edge

Fierce fighting in Benghazi kills at least 65 -

| After pledging allegiance to , 's Islamic Youth Shoura Council launches an 'Islamic Court'.

| Al Monitor - expands in

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" is grasping for a helping hand" my latest The HoR, the GNC and Libya's future

Zuwara OK for international flights even as doubts rise over Libyan airspace

International community procrastinates, stands idle and does not seriously support Libya - Thinni

Terrorists IS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb enter Libya through neighbouring states - Thinni

Zintanis claim plans to move towards Tripoli

Libya Dawn are Muslim Brotherhood who receive orders from masters abroad - PM Thinni

Life is dignity, not petrol, electricity and water - Thinni

Egyptian Foreign Minister meets with delegation of Libyan tribal leaders

Sudan and Egypt agree to work together on Libya

Libya Dawn claims Saudis behind Shara Mizran mosque attack

Constitutional Court again delays HoR legality ruling

- The fight for Benghazi: Updated map of the battle front, Oct 20 /via

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From Africa's richest state under Gaddafi to failed state after NATO intervention:

75 killed in five days of fighting in Libya's Benghazi

US, 4 European nations ‘ready’ to use sanctions against Libya