Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ebola Updates - October 21 , 2014 - Global News pertaining to the 2014 Outbreak !


A British naval vessel w 350 passengers & medical supps is on its way to epidemic now

Safe burials stop the spread of Ebola: “my family is not happy about it, but someone has to do this job” - Edward.

As Ebola patients vanish in Liberia, survivors go on a desperate search for the missing:

STUTTERING START Obama's Ebola point man to skip House hearing

World Health Organization's Dr. Kieny: Initial data from the candidate Ebola vaccine clinical trials are expected…

Read this great piece---> MT my diary from covering outbreak

BREAKING: Ebola virus vaccine to be tested on patients in two weeks – WHO

In wake of cases involving 2 nurses, issued new health care worker guidelines

Ebola heroine: How one doctor saved Nigeria from a catastrophe

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Members of Dallas family now free of Ebola monitoring still feel stigmatized:

Dr Kieny: vaccine [once clinical trials are completed] is expected to be use in West Africa early 2015

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Nigeria is Ebola-free: Here's what they did right