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Hong Kong Democracy Protests ( October 3 - 5 , 2014 ) -- Day 7 ( Saturday 10/4/14 ) news of note ......Day 6 shows some chaotic situation , perhaps protest fatigue , talks set between protesters and CEO Leung's Representative .....

October 04, 2014

Hong Kong: The "Radicalize Or Fold" Alternative

The protest in Hong Kong, instigated by U.S. financed groups, were on the verge of ending in a fizzle.
Mass protests in Hong Kong appear to have lost steam after the leader of the Chinese territory refused to step down, instead offering dialogue.
The Hong Kong Federation of Students said in a statement early on Friday that they planned to join the talks with the government, focused specifically on political reforms. They reiterated that Leung step down, saying he "had lost his integrity".A wider pro-democracy group that had joined the demonstrations, Occupy Central, welcomed the talks and also insisted that Leung quit.
The offer for talks, the weather and the end of a two day holiday was the point where the protests largely died down. A few diehards kept blocking streets and buildings but the end was in sight.
Remarked a political editor of a U.S. magazine:
Blake Hounshell
‏@blakehounshellWhen protesters don't get at least some of what they want, they have to radicalize or fold. Key moment in Hong Kong right now.
5:36 AM - 2 Oct 2014
It seems that other people had the same thought and some idea of how to radicalize the crowd:
Hundreds of people opposed to Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrations converged on one of the movement's main sites Friday, prompting some of the ugliest scenes of violence yet in the past week of protests.In the early afternoon on Friday, opponents of the demonstrations moved en masse against the occupation site in the neighborhood of Mong Kok, a popular shopping district across the harbor from Hong Kong. They dismantled tents and removed the protesters' supplies. Scuffles broke out, with reports of roving street battles between protesters and their opponents.
The predictable consequence of that attack, certainly not in the interest of the government, was a revival of the protests and a hardening of the protesters position:
Student leaders called off talks with the government – offered the previous night – accusing officials of allowing violence to be used against them. It dashed the hopes of a resolution to a mass movement that has seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets of the city at its height.

So who paid the thugs, the police says some attackers were members of criminal triads, who instigated the radicalization? The government which wants to end the protests, the businesspeople who lose money due to the blockades or some three letter agency of foreign provenance?


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