Saturday, September 13, 2014

Iraq / Syria situation - ( Weekend Updates September 13 - 14 , 2014 ) Political internal and external , battlefront updates for Syria and Iraq ,

Sunday tweets.....

2 fighter jets reportedly conducted a strike on target inside before they finally landed in yesterday afternoon

Reports US military advisors visited the Anbar Operations Command headquarters in Ramadi:

ISIS' Next Target: The Suez Canal

Meet the new ISIS splinter group: the Caliphate Soldiers

Influx of global diplomats in Paris for meeting on combatting ;Two main players are MIA

earning +$3 million/day 'from oil smuggling, human trafficking, theft and extortion'-by

PM Abadi calls for a global fund to enable rapid projects in areas devastated by . Also key plank of the Jeddah Communique.

Badr keeps on complaining that Ameri did not get Interior Ministry threatens to withdraw from govt

Abadi said he would curtail work of 7 militias in Baghdad but can't stop 2 loyal to Maliki

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fighter with 9K32 Strela-2 shoulder-fired low-altitude surface-to-air missile (MANPADS):

resumes attacks on Beiji refinery, province this evening, security source said. Clashes continue...

According to top official near , fighter jets are flying over the city extensively.

chief of staff: Kurdistan Region has a special status as evidenced by US's response to forestall 's advance towards .

Cameron resists calls for airstrikes despite hostage killing

US will not coordinate airstrikes with Syria: Kerry

Wahab: Coordinate with Syria to combat terror

Nusra releases video of abducted Lebanese soldiers

Australia to deploy 200 troops, 400 RAAF personnel, 8 F/A-18F Super Hornets, an AWACS aircraft and aerial refueling aircraft (1/2)

"Iraq Kurdish forces, backed by US air strikes, appear to be advancing in their bid to retake from " VID

's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has given Ayad Allaawi, Vice President full authority over the national reconciliation file.

45 civilians reportedly massacred by Kurdish militias near ..

Shai militias want to burn and level the whole city?! |i Army official: Confirmed intelligence reports Baghdadi is in ..

Saturday Morning / Evening Tweets and Links .....

John Kerry arrives in Paris from Middle East to continue campaign against Islamic State

"Moderate" Syrian Rebels Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS; Iraq Defies US

Rumor of a revolt inside Central Prison- sound of gunfire heard- all communications for this district cut off

Heavy bombardment by |i army on a while ago..

David Haines abducted by executed.

threatens to execute another British citizen named Alan Henning.

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How the size of the Islamic State territory compares to that of other countries

and moderate Syrian rebels strike truce… with Al Qaeda’s help – reports
told the Americans behind closed doors: We've requested your help many times in north but you never responded; why now?!

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NEW MAP: Battles of N- / E- - Rebels advancing in and NW- toward SW-.

Rebels detonate tunnel drilled by regime-forces near Sakineh shrine in southern suburb

— The self-declared Islamic State has announced 's new governor after the former governor fled, and...

Wow. US-backed SRF rebels killed & crucified 2 apparent IS suicide bombers in Deir Sanbal in Jebel al-Zawiyeh,

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi: I have ordered the Iraqi Air Force to halt shelling of civilian areas even in those towns controlled by ISIS.