Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hong Kong Protest for Democracy - September 28 , 2014 ..... Tweets of the Day !


Whether he’s Hong Kong’s man or Beijing’s man, Chief Executive CY Leung has one almighty headache tonight.


Hong Kong Stocks Tumble, Erase YTD Gains As Protests Freeze City: Full Summary

U.S. Urges H.K. to Express Political Views in Peaceful Manner. Or else the US billionaire "wealth effect" gets it?

RIGHT NOW: It's 5:50 am. Riot police now moving in on protesters in Hong Kong.

Police swingings batons as they are approached by students at Canal Road.

OFFICIALLY OCCUPIED: Argyle Street/Nathan Road in MongKok. Police have Left the scene

Around 100 people starting to block roads in Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣


Outside police headquarters in Wan Chai: Cable TV ; again, protesters raised hands up

via A lone protester stands amid clouds of tear gas as fellow demonstrators are forced back..


Connaught Road teargassed in Hong Kong . outside Hutchison House

My first experience of tear gas. An evening on Hong Kong's frontline and my sense is both sides mean business. RT

Press con now: Student leader wishes to ask remaining students to leave LegCo area due to the use of rubber bullets.


LIVE: Tensions high in after police used teargas, pepper spray against protesters

vs Umbrellas - Incredible images from the Hong Kong protests. Photos via

protests escalate: Police use tear gas, pepper spray (VIDEO)

Riot police fire pepper spray as Hong Kong protests descend into chaos