Monday, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong Democracy Protests -October 1 , 2014 / September 30 , 2014 - Protesters stand their ground for another day ! Top tweets !

October 1 , 2014.....

Beijing ordered CY Leung to halt protests in a "peaceful way", report says

Hong Kong students vow to occupy government buildings if CY Leung does not resign by Thursday

Activists promise that today's rallies in will be the biggest so far | Follow our live blog for updates:

Academic expresses concern about media using the term "revolution" for

will reconsider relations with based on Beijing's actions in

Retail woes: Luxury shops shut on one of busiest shopping days of the year

LIVE: Newest protest site? Activists on Canton Road near Tsim Sha Tsui area, reports

LIVE: Occupy organiser tells protesters to focus National Day action on three key sites

Tweets for the Day - local time from Hong Kong

Joshua Wong leads students in silent protest at National Day flag-raising in Hong Kong

The umbrellas are up again as heavy rain falls in HK, and Occupy spreads to TST. Follow LIVE:

Just tuning in? Get full recap of Day Three of 's protests here:

What you should know about the protests in Hong Kong

A Different perspective......

China censors try to blunt Hong Kong protests, don't always succeed

But they keep trying ......

Hong Kong Protesters Give Wednesday Deadline For Reform As Chinese Army Watches From Above

Thousands out on the streets for a fifth night of demonstrations. No let up here

Hong Kong protests hit uncharted territory: reports

My latest for : 5 things to know about Hong Kong's 'umbrella revolution:'

Xi Jinping faces dilemma as Hong Kong rallies challenge his power via

Stunning photos of the Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong over this weekend. - Dustin M

Hong Kong democracy protests: Report

Hong Kong protesters show solidarity with during protests: (Alex...

Another Tiananmen? The grievances & goals driving Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests

Fresh demonstrations rock Hong Kong as protest leader warns of backlash