Friday, July 11, 2014

Ukraine Updates ( July 11 , 2014 ) -- State of play in the ongoing civil war between Kiev and Federalists in South East Ukraine ...... Latest in the ongoing natural gas talks ( nothing will happen until Europe feels cold weather )

'At least 30' Ukrainian military killed as militia shell convoy with Grad rockets

Published time: July 11, 2014 18:28
Edited time: July 11, 2014 19:54
image from @soborna_com
image from @soborna_com
Dozens of Ukraine’s government troops have been reportedly killed after local militia shelled pro-Kiev military forces with Grad rocket launchers. President Poroshenko has vowed “killing hundreds” for each deceased soldier.
Self-defense troops attacked a Ukrainian military unit at around 5:00am near Zelenopolye village in the Lugansk region, not far from the Russian border, Kiev’s officials reported.
A military official described the consequences of what he called “a bloody terrorist act” as“destruction” saying that about 30 were feared killed.
"About 30 servicemen are thought to have been killed in a shelling by militants using Grad multiple rocket launchers at units of the Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces near the village of Zelenopolye,” Zoryan Shkyryak, an adviser to Interior Minister Arseny Avakov, said at a briefing. “There might be more victims.”
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Фото разгромленных сегодня утром подразделений 24 ОМБр и 79 ОАЭМБр. Жуть полная...
The country’s deputy health minister, Vasily Lazoryshynets, said on Thursday that 478 civilians, including seven children, had been killed in Kiev’s military crackdown on the eastern regions of Ukraine – which “is unfortunately greater than the military losses.”
However, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health later reduced the civilian death toll figure, saying that the deputy minister “only provided the latest statistics on the overall mortality level.”

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Meeting btw Ukrainian FM, NATO Secretary General cancelled ‘for technical considerations’

 July 11, 23:49 UTC+4
BRUSSELS, July 11 /ITAR-TASS/. Meeting between Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been cancelled for technical considerations, a source at the NATO headquarters said.

Poroshenko threatens to kill hundreds per each killed government soldier

 July 11, 19:53 UTC+4
In the meantime, the press service of the Defense Ministry has confirmed the death of nineteen and the wounding of ninety-three servicemen
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (C) speaking with soldiers at the headquarters of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) near Izyum of Kharkiv area

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (C) speaking with soldiers at the headquarters of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) near Izyum of Kharkiv area

KIEV, July 11. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko on Friday held a conference with top officials of the Armed Forces, security and Interior agencies after the death of several dozen Army servicemen in the Luhansk region, a report at the official presidential website said.
The president said in part it was important to track down and to physically eliminate everyone who was responsible for the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers, security and interior officers.
“The militants (the way that the Kiev authorities refer to the fighters of volunteer self-defense forces in Eastern Ukraine. — ITAR-TASS) will pay tens and even hundreds of their own lives for a life of each our soldier (they kill),” the report quoted Poroshenko as saying.
Different Ukrainian government departments and mass media said earlier that from nineteen to fifty military had died near Zelenopolye in Luhansk region, and from ninety-three to a hundred military had been wounded.
In the meantime, the press service of the Defense Ministry has confirmed the death of nineteen and the wounding of ninety-three servicemen.

Another Russia-EU round of gas talks to might be held on July 17-18 in Moscow

 July 12, 0:36 UTC+4
The Russian side planned to discuss the South Stream project, Alexander Novak said
© ITAR-TASS/Gennadii Hamel'yanin, File
HAVANA, July 12 /ITAR-TASS/. Another Russia-European Union meeting on problems of gas supplies to Europe and gas transit via Ukraine may be held on July 17-18, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists on Friday.
“The exact date has not yet been appointed. Most likely, it will take place on July 17 or 18,” he said, adding that the meeting would be held in Moscow.
When asked whether issues of the South Stream project would be raised at this meeting, Novak said that the Russian side planned to discuss this project. “We do have such plans,” he stressed.

Trilateral gas talks between EU, Russia and Ukraine

Earlier, Oettinger said after talks with Ukrainian parliament-appointed Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yury Prodan that the European Commission hopes for resumption of three-party gas talks with the Russian Federation and Ukraine by the end of July.
Oettinger did not specify if Ukraine is ready to start paying off its gas debt to Gazprom that Moscow had been expecting during six rounds of three-party talks from May 2 to June 16, when they were deadlocked.
In turn, Prodan then told Russian journalists that Ukraine “is ready to discuss at the talks only an intermediate package proposal of the European Commission” on the price and debt settlement, saying Kiev’s position regarding the debt remained unchanged.
“We will repay the debt as soon as an agreement on the price is reached,” Prodan said. “Should no agreement be reached, the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce will put the final period.”

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July 11, 2014

Ukraine: Pro-Coup-Government Forces Hit Hard

The pro-federation forces in east Ukraine seem to have severely hit the coup-government's army which is attempting to surround and attack them.
The Ukrainian 79th and 24th brigades from Lviv, western Ukraine, bunched up over night in some place around Zelenopliya between the south-eastern rebel positions and the nearby Russian border. They were hit by a barrage of grad rockets fired by the pro-federation forces. First picturesavailable on the Internet show many destroyed vehicle - main battle tanks, APCs, trucks - probably the result of secondary (ammunition) explosions.
The not yet confirmed casualty count is 67 killed and 175 wounded government soldiers.

This major loss could lead to a new assessment of the situation by the government side and then to serious attempts to negotiate a ceasefire. It could also lead to further military escalations.

Heavy fighting south of city (with Ukrainian troops) at the airport.