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Questions From Tiger Cubs on Iraq , National Security and does anyone allegedly in charge have the slightest idea as to what they're doing ?

One question ....Now  we are  considering sending drones to bomb jihadist in Iraq ,  due to " National Security Concerns "   , while financing jihadists in Syria because  we don't like President Assad . But that's not really what bugs me..... why are  M- 13  gang bangers being  caught and released in the US NOT  " National Security Concerns " ?

Border Patrol officials are swamped by the number of minors crossing illegally into the United States and frustrated that they can’t turn away known Mexican gang members.

Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley, said that confirmed gang members in Mexico — including those from Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) — are coming into the country to be reunited with their families, National Review reported Friday.

“If he’s a confirmed gang member in his own country, why are we letting him in here? … I’ve heard people come in and say, ‘You’re going to let me go, just like you let my mother go, just like you let my sister go. You’re going to let me go as well, and the government’s going to take care of us,’” Mr. Cabrera told the magazine.

He said that the only way to solve the problem was to implement harsher restrictions on who can be allowed to cross.
“Until we start mandatory detentions, mandatory removals, I don’t think anything is going to change. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to get worse,” he said, National Review reported.

Other Border Patrol officials said that officers must treat minors with gang-affiliated tattoos the same as anybody else wishing to cross the border.

“It’s upsetting that a lot of them are 16 pr 17 years old and a lot of them are not going to face deportation,” said Art Del Cueto, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 in Tucson, Ariz, National Review reported.
Mr. Cabrera told the news agency that the Rio Grande Valley location has nine stations. The largest facility is in McAllen, Texas, with a capacity of 275 people. Its agents sees between 700 and 1,500 people daily.


Known gang members among thousands of illegal immigrant children storming the U.S. border and officials are now trying to silence officers from talking to the media

  • U.S. Border Patrol stations are currently overrun with thousands of children entering the country illegally and unattended

  • Some of the minors crossing the border, including teenagers, have been sporting gang tattoos

  • Officers have been told to treat these potential gang members like any other child entering the country

  • Most of these children are being reunited with their parents or other family members already in the U.S.

  • An estimated 47,000 children have crossed into the U.S. illegally since the beginning of this year

  • Border Patrol officers have been told by superior not to talk to the media about the issue

  • Democrat congressman took the images at a holding center in south Texas to highlight the terrible conditions

  • Border patrol officers tell MailOnline that they are so overwhelmed they are 'quarantining' the sick kids with police evidence tape


Signs of violence: Border patrol officers dealing with the thousands of minors crossing the U.S. border illegally have been noticing some sporting gang tattoos. They have been instructed treat them like any other minor.  Above a handout photo showing a a tattoo of the MS-13 gang from 2008
Signs of violence: Border patrol officers dealing with the thousands of minors crossing the U.S. border illegally have been noticing some sporting gang tattoos. They have been instructed treat them like any other minor. Above a handout photo showing a a tattoo of the MS-13 gang from 2008


Another question...... Why are we sending considering military aid ( which will be stolen by the jihadists  like ISIS )  to Iraqi military cowards who won't even stand their ground and fight for their country ?

Let Them Fight

Dear President Obama, House of Representatives, The Senate, Secretary of War Hagel, Secretary of State Kerry, and every other war mongering U.S. politician with ears:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This is true for all men, everywhere.
On March 20, 2003, the United States Government invaded a sovereign, though flawed nation, Iraq, in order to impose the philosophical and governmental beliefs of the United States, and remove a tyrant of the Iraqi people from office, a reason created in light of new evidence that the nation of Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction as the people of the United States and the world were initially told by the Government of the United States, including the President of the United States, Secretary of War, Secretary of State, United States Senate, and the House of Representatives.
For nine (9) years, armed forces occupied the nation of Iraq, assisting in the creation of a new constitution and securing freedom for the Iraqi people. The United States military trained Iraq forces, supplied them with state of art equipment and the Government of the United States poured trillions of dollars into the Iraqi infrastructure. Thousands of U.S. military personal died or were wounded defending Iraq in the course of theses actions.
On December 18, 2011, the United States withdrew its forces from Iraq, leaving the Iraqi people, its armed forces, and politicians to defend its new found freedom.  In June, 2014, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) invaded the cities of Mosul and Tikrit with less than 1,000 troops, besting a division of Iraqi soldiers, estimated at 30,000 troops. The Iraqi soldiers, once trained and supplied by the United States military, threw down their weapons, abandoned their posts, shed their uniforms and retreated. They left in their cowardly wake, billions of dollars in U.S. military hardware for the ISIS to pillage.
These unalienable rights  are free to those who choose to accept them and, in threatened times, those that have chosen are forced to fight for their rights, independent of outside forces, in order to secure in blood and sacrifice a more meaningful and protected love for their rights. The Iraqi people have chosen not to fight for their freedom. They have chosen oppression.
The United States military is sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and defend the freedom to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. You, the United States Government, have taken advantage of our patriotism and love for our country. You have put our children in harms way for the interest of foreigners and corporations. You, the United States Government, have exploited our military, our resources, our money, and our trust. You are not only judged by a higher power, but by the people, of whom you have failed to represent with good intentions, honesty, and integrity. You, the United States Government have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting.
We, therefore, the people of the United States of America, absolve with conviction the proposed obligation to defend Iraq and its people with military and monetary support. If the people of Iraq are unwilling to defend the freedom that so many have died and suffered for, then the people of the United States are unwilling to send its fighting men and women to defend Iraq’s freedom.


Iraq's prime minister on Saturday threatened his nation’s troops with execution if they had abandoned their posts in the face of a blitz attack by Islamic militants who swept through northern provinces this week.
Speaking to a group of army officers in a televised address from the central city of Samarra, Prime Minister Nouri Maliki promised accountability and punishment for any soldiers who had contributed Tuesday to the swift fall of Mosul, one of the nation’s largest cities, as well as other areas in the country.
Iraqi army and police units offered little resistance to the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in many cases shedding their uniforms and abandoning their equipment as they fled the violence, according to reports.
"Those who did nothing, and those who clearly abandoned their posts, let them not imagine that they escaped to [safety] in the houses of their families and mothers,” Maliki said, adding that those found to have deserted would be prosecuted “to the utmost, with punishments that rise to execution.
"Frankly this was our chance to get rid of those cowards and weaklings,” he added. “This is our opportunity to improve the army and purify it from these elements."
Maliki arrived in Samarra, about 80 miles north of the capital, on Friday after the government had granted him extensive powers to confront the Sunni Muslim extremists of ISIS. The Al Qaeda splinter group is notorious for its harsh application of Islamic sharia law, employing beheadings, amputations and crucifixions to punish those who contradict its edicts.
In the wake of the security forces’ defeat, Maliki -- a Shiite Muslim accused by critics of marginalizing the country's Sunni minority -- had called for the creation of local militias, composed of volunteers and organized largely on sectarian lines to confront ISIS, whose forces had taken large areas of northwestern Iraq before moving toward Baghdad.
Samarra would not be the last line of defense but a "launch pad to purify every inch that was sullied by the feet of those traitors," Maliki said, promising the arrival in the city of "the masses of volunteers who had come to liberate the lands" taken by ISIS.
Meanwhile, insurgents seized the small town of Adeim in Diyala province after Iraqi security forces pulled out, the Associated Press reported, citing the head of the municipal council, Mohammed Dhifan.

Don't bullshitte me , I'm not asleep .... But is everyone else or do they just not have a fricking clue ? 

Will Iraq fall to jihadists? Did US forces die in vain? Will ISIS create an Islamic caliphate? Then what? Here are the latest developments.

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Sources: CIA World Factbook, Long War Journal. Laris Karklis/The Washington Post.
Sources: CIA World Factbook, Long War Journal. Laris Karklis/The Washington Post.
(Washington, D.C.) — The President and his top advisors have told us over and over again in recent years that “al Qaeda is on the run,” and “we decimated al Qaeda.” 
Now we know it’s not true.
In recent days, an ultra-radical faction of the Sunni terrorist network — ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq & Al Sham — has captured huge swaths of Iraqi territory, hundreds of millions of dollars from Iraqi banks, and even U.S. military equipment.
At the moment, ISIS forces are rapidly moving toward Baghdad, imposing Sharia law, killing thousands, terrorizing millions, creating an exodus of Iraqis trying to flee for safety, and raising serious new questions:
I’m not going to try to answer these questions today. Just the fact that they need to be asked shows how badly U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has failed, and how high the stakes are for the American people, for Israel, and for our Arab allies.
At the moment, I need to go back to finishing the manuscript for my new novel on a future ISIS plot to conquer the Middle East and build and Islamic caliphate.
But first, please keep praying for the Lord to intervene and stop the rise of the jihadists, pray for safety for all Iraqis (and Syrians), and please keep praying for courage for the Christians. Pray, too, for regional and world leaders to have wisdom to know how best to stabilize and pacify the situation.
Then, please keep on top of the latest developments.  Here is some of the latest news coverage from the epicenter worth paying attention to:
“The Obama administration is facing its worst-case scenario in Iraq, which seems on the verge of crumbling as Islamic militants march on Baghdad,” reports The Hill newspaper. “Just more than three years after U.S. soldiers left the country, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has taken over hundreds of square miles ranging from Syria’s coast to the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit. The terrorist group is in control of a wide swath of land from which it could launch attacks on the West, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte warned Thursday.”
“If these people succeed in multiple countries, that is going to represent some kind of permanent terrorist threat to the West, to our interests around the world and to ourselves,” he said on MSNBC. 
“The sudden developments have left the White House with few good options and opened President Obama to severe criticism from Republican critics in an election year,” The Hill noted. “They argue the failure to reach a security agreement that would have left some troops in Iraq has hastened the government’s downfall. What’s more, the group is now taking access of U.S. arms and equipment that were left behind when troops left after nearly a decade in Iraq. Militants posted pictures on Twitter that showed they had acquired U.S. Humvees and armored vehicles….U.S. officials are worried that more weapons could fall into ISIS’s hands if the militants reach Baghdad. The U.S. has already sold the Iraqi military armed helicopters, drones, Hellfire missiles and a number of small arms….”
“This is pretty bad…These guys are our mortal enemies. These are the people, or one strain of the group of people, we’ve been fighting at least since 9/11,” said Michael Eisenstadt, senior fellow and director of The Washington Institute’s Military and Security Studies Program….“It feeds the perception that the United States is being pushed out of the region and the few accomplishments that we’ve had seem be unraveling,” he said.  

Oh , the humanity !