Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fed Open Market Committee Day - April 30 , 2014 ( but wondering what was discussed during the Fed's apparent " expedited emergency meeting between 4 Fed Governors ) and various manipulations ( apart from FOMC Day ) Fed Reverse Repo ( window dressing manipulation ) rises to 208 billion ( when will it hit a trillion ) ........ Fed Cuts May POMO To Only $24 Billion From $30 Billion ( money for nothing Fed manipulation ) ........ ......

Month-End Window Dressing Sends Fed Reverse Repo Usage To $208 Billion: Second Highest Ever

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We can finally close the book on the "mystery" (if there ever was one) behind the Fed's fixed-rate reverse repo operation.
Yesterday, when we noted that the total notional of the most recent 1 Day reverse repo operation was a whopping $183.3 billion, we made a modest prediction, knowing full well that today would be April 30, better known as month end, and even better known as a time when every bank has some huge, undercapitalized windows to dress.

Reverse Repo surges to $183.3 billion. Must be almost month end window dressing time - tomorrow should be well over $200 BN