Thursday, February 13, 2014

585,000 Without Power As "Catastrophic" Winter Storm Pax Pounds Northeast

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Major Winter Storm Is Now A 'Bombogenesis' Situation

The major winter storm slamming the Northeast can now be called a "bombogenesis," a term used by meteorologists to describe a low pressure system that rapidly intensifies as it moves out over warmer ocean water.
Shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday, Eric Fisher, the chief meteorologist for CBS News in Boston, tweeted: "#BOMBOGENESIS! Weather term loved by many, happening now south of Long Island. Falling 4mb/hr!"

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! Weather term loved by many, happening now south of Long Island. Falling 4mb/hr!

“Genesis refers to the generating (of the storm), while bomb means it’s an explosive growth,” Bob Oravec, a National Weather Service forecaster told NBC News.
For the storm to form, a mass of cold air smashes up against an area of warm air, in this case the warm Gulf Stream waters. It's the sudden drop in pressure of the storm that makes it a bomb. 
The storm is referred to as a weather "bomb" when its central pressure drops at least 24 milibars in 24 hours, explains meteorologist Eric Holthaus.
When the pressure drops, winds get stronger. Also, as the warm air rises when it comes into contact with the cooler air, it creates condensation, or clouds, that lead to heavy rainfall or snow. 
This is not the first time this year that the East Coast has experienced a bombogenesis. A larger than expected storm that dumped up to a foot of snow on parts of the Northeast toward the end of January was also created by a bomb. 
The latest storm system has affected more than a dozen states, according to The New York Times, bringing blizzard-like conditions to many areas. 
In New York City, the National Weather Service is calling for a total of 16 inches after another bout of heavy snow falling Thursday night tapers off after midnight. 

585,000 Without Power As "Catastrophic" Winter Storm Pax Pounds Northeast

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Winter Storm 'Pax' has already crippled much of the South, snarling traffic and dumping more snow than most can remember on places that are unarguably ill-prepared to cope. But, as The Weather Channel warns, up to 18 more inches of snow is forecast for the Northeast as Pax pushes up the East Coast. With no thaw expected in the South until at least the weekend (and freezing winds causing havoc), forecasters expect more power outages. Trouble has already started though further North with DC over 13 inches of snow and NYC having over 7 inches this morning alone. It's not everyday that snow is falling in Atlanta and Boston at the same time! 585,000 households are without power in 7 states this morning. Flight cancellations have begun from DC to NYC building on the 4,000 that were cancelled yesterday.

Snowing from Atlanta to Boston

Near Blizzard conditions in Manhattan/NYC:

Chaos on the roads...

Total Freeway gridlock...

And now it is heading North... with up to 18 inches of snow forecast for the NorthEast

In the last few hours, NYC alone has received 7 inches of snow and over 13 inches of snow in DC...

Though further west is getting more...

New York City's Central Park has record 5 inches of snow in the last 2 hours...
As a reminder, here is how described Pax yesterday:
"Sometimes we want to tell them, 'Hey, listen, this warning is different. This is really extremely dangerous, and it doesn't happen very often,'" Jacks said.

The service's memo early Wednesday called the storm "an event of historical proportions."

It continues: "Catastrophic ... crippling ... paralyzing ... choose your adjective."
And power outages in the south are likely to surge...

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Heads up.. winds will be picking up next few hrs before the ice melts...potential surge in pwr outages 

We suspect the image of weathermen with hands on their faces will be more prevalent today...

As this is coming...

10 Crazy Photos Of North Carolina Crippled by Snow

North Carolina snow
Katharine Newton, a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, calls her parents while walking more than two miles from campus to her parents' home during a snow storm.
North Carolina got hit with a bad storm this week that has paralyzed travel in the state and left thousands without power.
Hundreds of people have resorted to abandoning their cars on the roads. The scene looks similar to Atlanta last month, where an unusual storm halted traffic and forced drivers to spend the night in stores and schools.
The snow is expected to continue Thursday, according to WRAL. Parts of North Carolina have seen ice accumulations of a quarter-inch.
Hundreds of schools, daycares, churches, businesses, and government buildings are closed Thursday.
Check out some of the photos:

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Quite possibly the craziest snow photo I've ever seen, today in Raleigh NC: