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Is the reason why the Connecticut State Police are being so scretive based on their investigation leading to foreign shores ? If you believe what Gordon duff says - and you credit his sources ( alleged to be senior military leaders , operations and intelligence personnel ) , there could be much more than meets the eye here ! FWIW...

Obama “Gun Address” Misses Real Terrorism Threat

Military Sources Confirm Sandy Hook Suspected Foreign Terrorist Attack

Sandy Hook Memorial

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Despite attempts to blame a seemingly endless group of lunatic mass murderers for the equally endless number of devastating mass killings now plaguing the United States, our government, our “protectors” and, most damnably, our president, are failing to react to real terror attacks that are becoming an almost daily occurrence.
Ambassador Susan Rice was “sacrificed” for failing to cite the Benghazi attack as terrorism.  However, when something worse, when a dozen “somethings worse” happens, not in North Africa, but here at home, our schools, movie theatres, military bases, college campuses, the use of the term “terrorism” is forbidden.

The answer is simple, the answer is painful, the answer challenges our oligarchical criminal elite, the masters of our masters, as it were.  America has a real war on terror, one we are losing, one based, not on Islam or politics but rather economics and fear.
Terrorism is about fear, as Frank Herbert, author of “Dune” had told us decades ago:  “Fear is the mind killer.”
We are afraid and our minds are dead.  Thus, we have allowed very real foreign death squads to murder our children and we play our parts like dogs lapping up vomit.
Discussions with members of the senior military community, operations and intelligence personnel, regarding Sandy Hook and other recent “lone gunman events” has led to startling revelations.
The US Army has recognized a pattern of terrorist activity in several of the recent mass shootings, based on timing, type of target, control of media, lost evidence, poor investigations, a pattern that shows signs of the involvement of a military type operation against “soft targets” in the US.
Sandy Hook, we are told, is a total failure as an “false flag” terror attack, having left too many “loose threads.”  Some are listed in the video below.  In truth, there are hundreds:
Initial suspicions led investigators to extremist groups in the US, the National Socialist Movement, the US Border Patrol and the Hutarees.
However, investigations found these groups to be both almost entirely inactive or with a majority of members FBI informants.
If only we were kidding.
Looking overseas, only two potential “actors” were looked at, Iran and Israel.
Each was examined, the resources they had in the US, but moreover, their ability to manipulate media and influence or control police and prosecutorial authorities.
Despite charges by the Newsweek organization and New York Times that Iran was the perpetrator at Sandy Hook and articles in the National Post of Canada, an Israeli based publication operating out of Canada as a “Mossad sockpuppet,” many began looking at Israel.
The issue there was motive.  Intelligence groups in the US knew relations with Israel were rocky, Netanyahu’s hatred for Obama, his fear of Chuck Hagel and the bashing the UN had recently given Israel on both nuclear weapons and Palestine.
The question came down to this:  “Would they do it?”
Very privately, the answer was more direct:  “Only if they thought they could get away with it.”
Then the question came down to this; what kind of person would kill twenty small children and put together such a childishly lame cover attempt that anyone could easily see through it?
Sandy Hook, of all terror events, 9/11, the Tucson shootings, Aurora, Ft. Hood and more, Sandy Hook is pure “hubris.”
Israel has actively denied involvement and been as clear as possible.
The problem with that is that Israel has also attacked and attempted to smear anyone asking for a broader investigation, has clearly interfered in internal American police issues, just as they had interfered in the 2012 elections.
Still, outstanding, is motive, need to punish the US for some reason, a private threat directed at the Obama administration or something else?
If Iran were responsible, wouldn’t the US have attacked?
Sandy Hook is terrorism but unlike 9/11 or a dozen other attacks, those responsible have not gotten away with it.  It isn’t necessary for one to read this or watch the short video to know what has transpired or to guess, perhaps with a high probability of success, who is at fault.
Would the US attack Israel if they murdered twenty children?
This is where the issue of protection from terrorism comes in.  There seems to be no realistic methodology within the US government to deal with the possibility that terrorist acts could be politically or economically motivated though such things are par for the course.
Without the government accepting what real terrorism actually is, often our friends, our banks, our own industries, our elite or our phony “only democracy in the Middle East” backstabbing “allies,” we can expect to die like the pigs they believe we are.

And Obama growing a pair against " The Lobby "  ?

Press TV: US National Security Set for de-Israelization?

US national security set for de-Israelization?

US President Barack Obama (C) speaks during a news conference with chief counterterrorism adviser John Brennan (L), and former US Sen. Chuck Hagel at the White House in Washington, DC, January 7, 2013.
US President Barack Obama (C) speaks during a news conference with chief counterterrorism adviser John Brennan (L), and former US Sen. Chuck Hagel at the White House in Washington, DC, January 7, 2013.

With the White House staffed by Israeli citizens and Homeland Security, with the courts stacked with crooked judges, bought by campaign contributions from drug cartels, laundered through “Citizens United,” there may well not be enough America to save.”

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The current nominee for US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, and new CIA Director nominee, John Brennan, are apparently being tasked with “undoing” years of disastrous interference in US defense and intelligence functions, cited by Hagel as “political in nature,” in order to restore a semblance of American control over its national security.
Intelligence insiders cite Hagel for standing up to Bush advisor Karl Rove and former Vice President Dick Cheney, when their actions led to not only the use of America’s defense, intelligence and justice systems for private gain (drug dealing) and cheap politics but, in fact, giving full and absolute control over all military and intelligence functions to the Likudists in Israel.
The result of this disastrous turn of events was more than just 9/11 and two wars. In truth, the CIA has been gutted and turned over to foreign control, other agencies crippled and the Department of Homeland Security and, to a lesser extent, the FBI, have become little more than Mossad “front” organizations.
The most controversial appointment since the Israel lobby took control of America’s government, some say 1967, some use dates as late as 1972, has been the nomination of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense by President Obama.
Despite the fact that Hagel is a Republican and will be the first enlisted combat veteran ever to serve as “Sec Def.,” something the military has prayed for, at the behest of the Israel lobby, their Neocon acolytes and specific criminal elements within the world financial community, a massive effort to attack and discredit Hagel has taken on steam.
Hagel’s famous statement, “I am a United States senator, not an Israeli senator,” is being portrayed by “friends of Israel,” including nearly every member of the Republican Party at every level in the US, as “treasonous.”
The spoof publication, “The Onion,” published the following satirical statement:
“JERUSALEM-Top-ranking government officials in Jerusalem confirmed Tuesday that Israel would exercise its longstanding, constitutionally granted veto power over American policy if U.S. lawmakers confirmed retired congressman Chuck Hagel as the United States’ next Secretary of Defense. ‘In light of Mr. Hagel’s worrying remarks on Israeli-Palestinian relations and questionable classification of Israeli interests as ‘the Jewish lobby,’ we consider him a highly inappropriate choice for Defense Secretary who stands far out of line with our national priorities, and therefore we are prepared to swiftly and resolutely use our official veto power over this U.S. action,’ said Israeli ‘ spokesperson Mark Regev of the legal maneuver that … [Israel] has employed to block U.S. Cabinet nominees, U.S. legislation, U.S. international relations, and U.S. domestic policy over 1,400 times… ‘Because congress does not possess the necessary nine-tenths majority to override an Israeli veto, they’ll have no choice but to head back to the drawing board and provide a Defense Secretary whom we find more suitable.’
Sources confirmed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sent the White House a list of three individuals the Israeli leader considered appropriate to head the American military from which U.S. President Barack Obama could choose.”
There is a nasty reality behind the humor of The Onion. The reality involves intelligence disasters well beyond the admitted failures the US has in the area of human intelligence.
During the Bush administration, all efforts were made to use only technology-based intelligence sources, signals interception, satellites, drones, and use only minimal “human intelligence,” generally unreliable informants often as not “handed” to us by Israel or drug cartels.
In truth, the “market” for real intelligence “dried up.” No one in the Bush administration, which included the “gutted” Pentagon, run by the dregs of the service academies, “Dispensationalists” (Apocalypse worshipers), Freemasons and those paid by or blackmailed by Israel.
With the White House staffed by Israeli citizens and Homeland Security, with the courts stacked with crooked judges, bought by campaign contributions from drug cartels, laundered through “Citizens United,” there may well not be enough America to save.
The initial move, by the Defense Intelligence Agency, is to put into the field up to 2000 intelligence assets, which they say will be trained by the CIA.
Congress prohibits the DIA from active involvement in clandestine operation, “black ops,” rendition, assassination and such.
The DIA would, should they choose to carefully follow their mandate, be limited to intelligence gathering alone.
However, this move is more than just a vote of “no confidence” for the CIA. It is open admission that Bush-era policies, torture, rendition and reliance on Israeli assets, assets with an agenda often inconsistent with US security, have led to disaster.
Brennan’s task at CIA will be the most daunting of all. It will be his task to disassemble the “cult of deception” that former Vice President Cheney built around the Joint Special Operations Command, a “hijacked” filtering group and genuinely rogue command, outside any oversight, Pentagon, Congress, even the commander in Chief, and which is now seen as responsible for the great intelligence failures, responsible for the war crimes and, moreover, responsible for two failed wars.
A greater unspoken and seemingly unaddressed threat is that of the drug cartels, those from Mexico, Central America and the Southern Hemisphere and the world’s heroin trade, grown up around the US occupation of Afghanistan, not just heroin but marijuana, hashish and other drugs as well.
The influx of drugs, the inflow of cash and the penetration of financial organization and political parties, particularly the GOP, has made this unaddressed aspect of intelligence failure a particular threat.
Were investigations to tie the drug cartels to the Bush White House, much would be explained and much understood.
We would then see how official policy as outlined in Afghanistan under Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke, could openly advocate narcotics trade as a desirable methodology for US support.
No effort has yet to be made to admit the threat of corruption or, more importantly, to outline the horrific damage that drug corruption has already had at nearly every level of American existence, from military, intelligence, justice and courts and, especially Congress, the presidency and the powerful financial oligarchies that have long controlled America’s political system.
Lead among those oligarchies is the Israel lobby, as demonstrated by Sheldon Adelson during the recent presidential election. On demand, Adelson could give a million here, a hundred million there.
Adelson is only one of many, though, perhaps, “the biggest fish in the pool.”
With all governmental agendas, national security and defense, monetary policy, economic regulation and taxation, environment, those and more, totally dependent on special interest groups powered by laundered cash, often actual “dons” in multinational criminal organizations, there may well be no discernible government to inform, no people or nation to defend, only masters and those bred to serve.
Thus, attempts to make intelligence agencies accountable to American interests again will, we are certain, bring about significant “blow back.” Thus, we see the storm clouds gathering, the attempts to destroy Chuck Hagel.
What we should ask is simple: Why do so many powerful individuals, those who tell us they dedicate their lives to serving America, who speak of patriotism with every breath, openly serve criminal organizations, openly take orders from foreign countries whose agenda has proven to be inconsistent with America’s?