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Economic News , Data & Views.....October 16 , 2017 ......Quick Hits For Monday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , Market Moving Data & News , North Korea Updates ; US - Another Day Of Record High For US Stock Indexes , US Crude Rises On Kirkuk Concerns. 2) Spain - Puigdemont Does Not Give Clear Answer To Independence Question Posed By Rajoy , Pro-Independence Leaders Sanchez And Cuixart Jailed During Sedition Investigation , Police Chief Not Jailed Though. 3) UK-EU Talks - PM May's Brussels Meeting Fails To Break Current Deadlock In Talks. 4) Malta- Shocking Murder By Car Bombing Of Panama Papers Reporter Daphe Caruana Galiza Shocks Malta & The World. 5 ) Iraq- Kirku Falls Strikingly Fast - KDP & PUK Point Fingers At Each Other , Iraq's PM Looks Decisive And Strong. 6) Venezuela- Opposition Falls Into Maduro Trap with Regional Elections - Gov't Takes 17 Of 23 Governorships , Additional News On Venezuela. 7) US Politics : Puerto Rico Updates For Monday ; Swampland Items ; North Korea Updates.


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Asia calendar for Tuesday.....

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Australia Sept New Motor Vehicle Sales -0.5pct m/m (prev rev -0.1pct) Australia Sept New Motor Vehicle Sales -0.8pct y/y (prev rev 1.6pct)

RBA Minutes: Rate Hikes Abroad Did Not Have "Mechanical" Implications For Australian Rates

Australian ANZ Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer Confidence Index 112.4 (prev 113.8

Kobe Steel May Have Faked Data For Decades Reports Nikkei

EU signs off on fresh sanctions against NK.

Wow ! Reduced their fraud to writing and put it in a manual...

New Zealand Q3 CPI 0.5pct q/q (est 0.4pct, prev 0.0pct) New Zealand Q3 CPI 1.9pct y/y (est 1.8pct, prev 1.7pct)

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Going to get worse , before it gets better..


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Another day , more new record closes..

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Green day for US crude..

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NY wrap..


Political prisoner argument raised...

On the question of sedition...defining the term under Spanish law...

Puigdemont responds...1

Puigdemont responds...2

Two leaders going to jail tonight...stakes just got higher for Puigdemont.

This is a little bit of a surprise , after police chief wasn't jailed earlier today.

Stay tuned for Thursday..

Catalan police chief released without passport on sedition charges

⚠️Spanish prosecutor requests prison without bail for Catalan police chief Josep-Lluís Trapero. Judge to decide at 6pm

Stay tuned..

We shall see..

Thursday appears to be drop dead day....

Article 155 implementation gets closer and closer...

Looks like Puigedemont has until Thursday to find a solution.


Time keeps on slipping , slipping , slipping....into the future...

Brexit talks may be on course for a catastrophic breakdown, British officials fear

PM May and EU still at loggerheads over Brexit Bill.

ICYMI: UK's May meetings in Brussels part of process in achieving a smooth Brexit



Hard hitting commentary , gone too soon.

Vigil for murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia gets under way in

FBI asked to help investigate Caruana Galizia murder - Muscat

Shock, outrage and concern: reactions to Caruana Galizia's murder pour in


’s economy expected to shrink 12% by end of 2017: report.

moves closer to issuing sanctions against ’s regime.

Opposition was naive in agreeing to these Regional Elections , this did nothing but boost Maduro.


Important thread , one through nine , on PUK Deal with Baghdad regarding Kirkuk.

Breaking- MP shares Agreement between and over via NRT

“We don’t like they are clashing but we’re not taking sides,” says of clashes between army and Kurdish forces. – at The White House

Around 150 Kurdish houses looted, and 15 set ablaze in Tuz Khurmato by Hashd al-Shaabi militia

This seems to be a question many are pondering after swift fall of Kirkuk.


Iran may have backed some Militias , but US support for federal all disputed areas , is clear.

: Iraqi forces are inside the office of Najmaldin Karim, governor of city.



Replying to 
Special Forces pose in front of the statue along - entrance to the city

Tons of conflicting news today ...but what we DO know is oil is still flowing

Thousands of civilians fleeing to other areas , fearing escalation in the fighting between and forces via

: Peshmerga forces command issue statement following Iraqi army entry into , saying “this is a war against the Kurds.”

: — Peshmerga command: First party responsible for waging war on Kurdistan is Abadi’s government, and has to pay dearly for it.

US Politics......

Puerto Rico....

“20 of (Puerto Rico’s) 51 sewage treatment plants out of service, there are growing concerns about contamination and disease,” reports

“Puerto Rico is only beginning to come to grips with a massive environmental emergency that has no clear end in sight,” reports

“I just wish we had more resources to deal with it (inspecting toxic sites),” Catherine McCabe, EPA deputy regional administrator told

There is massive damage to the roads. Gov. announced the closure of 18 bridges due to severe damage.

1 of the P3 will strengthen hydroelectric system, works in combination w/ Power and Aqueduct Authorities said

Puma Energy is part of the P3 to use liquid gas to generate energy in the north of the island, explained P3 Authority dir

Gov. confirmed they are still in talks w/ Tesla and said the company is already sending batteries

The 3 PPPs that come through the unsolicited proposal method are related to electric system, including "diversifying fuel"

The recovery strategy at a local and federal level is taking shape argued Rosselló but said it will include fixing the roads

Gov Rosselló said focus is to first tackle area in the electric grid with problems that can be fixed quickly

Gov. , joined by PPP Authority director , announced 6 new public-private partnerships


Whoa !!!

Ways/Means Cmte Chair Brady won't schedule a markup session on tax reform until budget process is done. November at earliest?

Unclear if potential deficits could hamstring tax reform. GOP banking on "dynamic scoring" to meet budget deficit rules

Sr GOP Hse conservative on why no conversation about deficit reduction: "We've come to the realization that we simply cannot cut."

Senate hopes to adopt a budget this wk for tax reform. Necessary to avoid filibusters under budget reconciliation process.

If Senate fails to adopt a budget, tax reform is dead as the GOP can't overcome a filibuster without the special process to avoid them

GOPers can only lose 23 of their own in the Hse on tax reform. Lost 18 on the budget framework 2 wks ago. Senate R's can only lose 2.

Not exactly accurate.....

In letter Manchin asks Trump to pull Rep Marino’s nomination for drug czar because of his bill to weaken DEA from stopping distro of opioids

Fusion GPS co-founders to take the fifth amendment ! Worm really turning in the doggy dossier soap opera.

Gov Rosselló encouraged hospitals to transfer more of their patients to the USNS Comfort, which currently has 18 patients

North Korea...

Hard to believe this is a surprise !

Russian Pres. Putin Signs Degree Imposing Restrictions On N.Korea In Line With UN Resolution - Interfax

military to begin drills to evacuate Americans from


Three dead, hundreds of thousands lose power as blasts Ireland and the United Kingdom with high winds:

Surreal red sky in London as Ophelia whips up dust from the Sahara. (ht )

Storm Ophelia creates orange sky in London as the 80mph winds brought dust from North Africa & debris from forest fires in Spain & Portugal

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