Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....September 27 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia - RBNZ Keeps Rates Unchanged - Key Comments From RBNZ , Additional Market Moving Data & News ; US - Trump Tax Reform Framework Sparks Rally In Stock Indexes But Gold & Treasuries Slide The Wrong Way , Bullard Comments From Earlier Today. 2) US Politics : House Works On Bill To Avoid Shutdown At FAA / Provide Tax Relief For Hurricane Victims ; Schumer Offers Statement Supporting Kurdistan Independence Ref ; Updates On Relief Efforts And Headwinds Regarding Puerto Rico ; North Korea Situation Updates ; Tax Reform Related Items ; Russia Problem Item ; And More. 3) Spain - Catalonia Region Independence Referendum Tussles Continue - Today's Items. 4) Iraq - Kurdistan Referendum Results & Aftermath , Iraq-ISIS Battle Update. 5) Odds & Ends !



Thin calendar for Thursday....

PBoC Open Market Ops: -PBoC To Inject CNY 50 Bln Via 14 Day Reverse Repos -PBoC To Inject CNY 20 Bln Via 28 Day Reverse Repos

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.6285 (prev fix 6.6192 prev close 6.6425)

Something to keep an eye on...

1 hour ago
Japan Considering Lowering Leverage Limit For FX Trades – Nikkei

RBNZ OCR Unchanged At 1.75%, As Expected

RBNZ: Policy To Remain Accommodative For ‘Considerable Period’

RBNZ: Lower NZD Would Help Boost Inflation, Deliver More Balanced Growth

RBNZ: Expects Headline Inflation To Decline In Coming Quarters


US Stocks rally on Trump Tax Plan framework...

New York wrap....

Trump says GOP tax reform plan will create 'revolutionary change'

Fed’s Bullard: Sees Current Federal Funds Rate Is Appropriate Given Slow Econ. Growth & Low Inflation - RTRS

Fed’s Bullard: Not Expecting Inflation To Rise Appreciably During 2017 - RTRS

Fed’s Bullard: Further Lowering Of Unemployment Rate ‘Unlikely To Spark Higher Inflation’ - RTRS

US Politics...

( Most recent items , much more at Twitter TL.)

Sec. Price and Pres. Trump have spoken about the private jet controversy. Trump unhappy. But Price stays, for now, per 2 people familiar

House now debating bill to avoid shutdown at the FAA & also provide tax relief for hurricane victims. Bill failed earlier this wk

US Senator Chuck Schumer offers strong statement supporting Kurdistan independence & suggests US Gov't support same.

Puerto Rico: "For the first time the federal government intervenes to restore the electrical system by sending the army."

US will deploy its strategic military assets around the SK on a rotational basis to counter North Korea's escalating military threats

Replying to 
Sen. McCain: The Jones Act is "protectionist" and "Puerto Rico deserves better than policy decisions driven by special interests."

That shouldn't be the guidepost for dealing with Puerto Rico -and did "Shipping Leaders" say that re: Harvey ?

US House Ways & Means Chair Brady: Panel Is Ready To Take Tax Framework And Turn It Into Reform That Can Be Passed In 2017 - RTRS

Hatch on tax reform: We’re going to do it...we’re tired of things going the way they are. We’re going to turn this mess around

JUST IN: House Intel committee postpones hearing on Trump-Russia dossier

NAFTA Negotiators: Next Round Of Talks To Take Place In Washington From Oct 11th To Oct 15th - RTRS

While some focus on Jones Act restrictions-that isn't the critical issue on ground. Issue is logistics are FUBAR.


Will you FIRE Tom Price for govt-funded private jet travel? Trump: "We'll see...I'm looking at that very closely. I am not happy with him."

Dunford's on Tuesday-walking away from JCPOA is huge complication to peacefully resolving NK-very key point.

Ball of confusion from DHS has Wisconsin seeing red.

Trump tax reform framework...

No electricity, fuel issues and not enough drivers - headwinds facing Puerto Rico are daunting.


If Catalan Gov't not paying attention to other courts , will they pay attention to her ? Update .....10

Will the police obey ? Update......9

Catalonia update.....8
Judge taking over from Prosecutor - barks order to police to shutdown referendum.

Catalonia update...7
Spanish Court admits sedition charges against those responsible for demonstrations in Barcelona on Sept 20 and 21

Catalonia update.....7

Catalonia update.....6

Catalonia update....5

Catalonia update....4

Catalonia update.....3

Catalonia update......2

Catalonia updates......1


KRG & Parliament playing their card cooly. Pepping responses to hot headed Baghdad.

Kurdistan staying calm under the pressure...

Air blockade of Kurdistan reaches 5 countries.

Border with Northern Iraq remains open for now.

Business as usual-for now..

Turkish Consulate in Erbil announces that flights from Turkey to Iraqi Kurdistan will be suspended by Friday

Kind of expected to see a response like this.

High Electoral Commision: 92.7 % (2,861.471 ppl) voted for Kurdistan independence, 7.2 (224.464 ppl) cast No ballots. Turnout was 72%

Iraq PM Seems to be in panic mode....1

Iraq PM panic mode....2

Iraq PM panic mode.....3

Iraq PM panic mode....4

Iraq PM panic mode....5

ISF moves toward key border toward...


Odds & Ends....

Tuesday’s explosion at ammunitions depot heard/ located by 4#IMS infrasound stations. (designed 4 atmospheric nuclear blast)

This relates to SK's already publicized decapitation unit - set to be launched December 1st.

280 chars, so here's a list of all of 's new missile systems we've seen for the first time in 2017: KN15: Pukguksong-2 solid-fuel MRBM KN16: 240mm MRL KN17: Hwasong-12 IRBM KN18: Scud-C MaRV KN19: Kumsong-3 integrated TEL KN20: Hwasong-14 ICBM KN21: Scud-B MaRV

Boston University researchers may have found a way to identify CTE in living patients. This could be huge.

Just a few kilometers away from T-2 pumping station.

Update on state of play in Deir Ezzor Governorate & great map.

An interesting development. ..

FDP underlines how difficult forming a Coalition will be for Merkel.

U.K. DEFENCE SECRETARY: FUTURE CONTRACTS W/BOEING MAYBE AT RISK trade wars heating up the bombardier wings are made in the UK

BILD says Schauble will become Bundesliga President , leaving post as Finance Minister.

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