Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....September 12 , 2017 .....Quick Hits For Tuesday-1) Markets : US - Stock Indexes Continue Pushing Higher On North Korea Situation Reduced Back To Simmer , Hurricane Irma Situation Didn't Destroy Florida ; Asia - Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving Data & News. 2) Europe In Focus : UK News For Tuesday - EU- UK Talks Delayed Until September 25th , Additional Political News To Chew Upon ; Germany - Domestic Politics , Asylum Seeker Bombshell , Additional Items Of Interest ; France- Protests Against Macron's Labour Reforms Top News Today ; Greece- Domestic & International News Of Note. 3) Gulf Rift Updates - POTUS Becoming More Directly Involved Recently , Meanwhile Atmosphere as Poisonous As Ever Between Qatar & Quartet. 4) US Politics - News Of Note For Tuesday !



36th all-time closing high of the year for the Dow, 32nd for the S&P 500.

Everything is Awesome!!! S&P: All-Time High Dow: All-Time High Nasdaq: All-Time High NYSE: All-Time High Global Dow: All-Time High 👏👏👏👏🙌


Calendar for Wednesday for Asia..

Reuters: signed memorandum to step up negotiations with , on sale of memory chip unit -Nikkei

Reuters: plans to continue talks with over chip business sale -Nikkei

Witnessed by PM Najib, Msia Airlines & Boeing signed MOU for 16 airplanes incl: 8 Dreamliners & 8 additional purchase rights for 737 Max 8s

Sanctions have no real meaning if they are only sanctions on the surface , but in reality work-arounds to evade them are readily available.

I don't think this is going to smooth the waters regarding US-China relations....

S.Korea Official Says China, S.Korea In Working-Level Talks On The Issue Of Extending Bilateral Currency Swap -Rtrs

Toshiba Shares Down Over 1 Pct In Early Tokyo Trade; Said To Favour Bain Group For Chip Sale As Western Digital Talks Stall

S Korea Aug Jobless Rate 3.8pct (est 3.7pct, prev 3.6pct)

New Zealand Aug Food Prices 0.6pct m/m (prev -0.2pct)

Japan PM Abe: Regardless Of Who Becomes Next Governor, Want BoJ To Focus On Monetary Policies Geared To Achieving Inflation Target -Nikkei

Japan PM Abe: I Place Full Trust In BoJ Governor Kuroda, Who Is Producing Great Results -Nikkei

Japan PM Abe: Important For Japan To Reach Stage Where Inflation Rises Above 2 Pct, Stabilise At That Level -Nikkei

Japan’s PM Abe Insists N Korea Musat Commit Reverse Nuclear Programme For Talks Reports Nikkei

N Korea Plans To Establish Practical “Equilibrium” With US Reports KCNA

1 hour ago
S Korea Aug Import Price Index 1.5pct m/m (prev rev 0.5pct) S Korea Aug Import Price Index 9.0pct y/y (prev rev 5.5pct)

1 hour ago
S Korea Aug Export Price Index 0.5pct m/m (prev rev 1.1pct) S Korea Aug Export Price Index 10.7pct y/y (prev rev 8.1pct)



Labour Item to ponder...

Additional Brexit item of the day...

Sky bid by Rupert comes under scrutiny by Competition and Markets Authority !

UK-EU Talks delayed one week , not forever !

Domestic Politics - UK

British PM May's Conservatives Won Vote To Give Them More Control Of Law-Making Process In UK Parliament

UK's Brexit Department: Agreed With European Commission To Start 4th Round Of Negotiations On Sept 25 – RTRS


Is Angela Merkel's huge lead in German pre-election polls accurate?

Interesting. ..

German police bust Portuguese-Nigerian sham marriage ring

German auto companies 'at forefront' on key electric car technology


Catalan police confirm no one arrested at Sagrada Familia incident. Some TV images had suggested that might be the case.

Police ordered to seize ballot boxes ahead of Catalonia vote

Rafa Nadal speaks out against Catalan independence

Catalan independence: 'Politicians are acting like children with a box of matches'

El Español reports Catalan police chief Trapero has now been personally ordered by public prosector to have Mossos prevent referendum.

Spanish media report the Constitutional Court has just suspended Catalonia's new secession law.


My piece on today's protests against Macron's proposed reforms to France's Code du Travail

Tens of thousands take to the streets to protest Macron's labour reforms

Chants of "Macron, Macron, president of the rich. Macron, Macron president of bosses" can be heard in the streets.

It isn't just adults protesting Macron's labour reforms today...


Aegean swings from losses to profits in Q2

Property value review a hard task

Trainose concession protocol gets closer

Investments facing problems at Halkidiki, Elliniko, airports

As tensions rise on Lesvos, residents call for more asylum staff

Creditors set to increase pressure on Athens

Gulf Rift.....

Update on Gulf Rift...

Gulf Rift Update....

: : Talks with will remain suspended until Qatar issues a clear position on the Anti-Terror Quartet’s demands.

Qatar-Gulf crisis boils over in heated exchange of words at Cairo meeting

US Politics....

Pyongyang: “Categorically” reject new sanctions, promise “greatest pain” on the US

Trial balloon that DOJ may prosecute James Comey ?

Someone finally found a reason to drop New Hampshire’s first primary status

Trump will make a trip to Hurricane Irma-damaged Florida on THURSDAY, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says.

Treasury's Mnuchin: China may face new sanctions on North Korea

RT: We’ve been ordered to register as foreign agents in US

Trump said he and the Malaysian prime minister are working on a deal for them to buy Boeing planes. Deal worth $10 billion to $20 billion.

"Those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen," Trump said of North Korea.

US Virgin Islands governor says Trump will visit in "next six or seven days"

McConnell: No new debt ceiling vote until “well into 2018”

Trump respects China's Xi Jinping more than any other foreign leader, Steve Bannon said at Hong Kong forum today.

Hope Hicks is viewed by WH staff as a strong leader because she's one of Trump's most trusted aides -- and therefore secure in her standing.


Trump plans to visit China in November, source says


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