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Economic News , Data & News - September 16 , 2017 - Quick Hits For Saturday : 1) Global Markets : Doug Noland's Excellent Weekly Missive And Global Survey Of Markets And Items Of Note , Global Stock And Bond Performance For Last Week , Inflation Coming To The Forefront , Bitcoin Bounces On Friday - But First Two Weeks Of September Were Gut Wrenching. 2) UK - Follow Up On Parsons Green Explosion - What We Know Today. 3) US Politics Round Up - Key Stories From The Past 24 Hours To Consider Today , POTUS Schedule For Next Week. 4) North Korea - Follow Up After Friday's Hwasong 12 Ballistic Missile. 5) Spain's Catalonia Region Crisis - Updates On State Of Play As Catalonia Pushes To Hold Its Independence Referendum And Central Gov't Of Spain Fiercely Resists. 6) Odds & Ends - Kurdistan , Libya , Gulf Crisis & Syria In Focus !

Global Markets....

Doug Noland - " Global credit , bubble and market analysis is turning more interesting."

1 hour ago
Global in reacceleration mode. Data started to beat, incl US CPI after a long period of five consecutive misses. (Chart via SRP)

Stocks mkts hit fresh all-time highs. Global equities now worth $83.7tn, equals to 110% of global GDP, way above the Buffett crash threshold

Bond bubble starts deflating. Value of global bonds dropped $400bn this wk as inflation data started to beat & CenBanks sound more hawkish.

1-Year US Treasury Yield ends the week at an 8-year high: 1.30%. Market now expecting next Fed hike in December.

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With UK CPI at a 5-year high (2.9%), how much longer can the Bank of England keep rates at 0.25%? Market saying hike getting closer...

British Pound ends the week at a 52-week high, up over 10% on the year vs. US Dollar.

Dow closes at an all-time high for the 39th time this year. Who's tired of winning?

Wall Street Week... S&P 500: All-Time High Dow: All-Time High NYSE: All-Time High Volatility: None 👏👏👏🙌

's big bounce: Prices surge almost 30% after dipping below $3,000.


Armed police are reportedly at an address in Sunbury, Surrey, in connection with the Parsons Green attack

British police arrest teenager in the manhunt for suspects of the London subway terror attack

terror threat remains critical despite arrest.

1 hour ago
Armed police are making their presence felt in London after the UK terror threat level was raised to critical

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has put out a longer statement which says several IED's were planted on subway by "soldiers of caliphate"

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- A security source to Amaq: the bombing of the IED in the London tube was carried out by a unit affiliated to the Islamic State

. have confirmed that the explosion on a train at Parsons Green Station is being treated as terrorism.

US Politics....

Controversial Police Officer Acquittal Sets Off Huge Protest In St Louis....

JJ Watt raises over $37 million for Harvey relief

China's state-run Xinhua news saying was unwise for Trump to block sale of Lattice = runs counter to win-win nature of China-U.S. relations.

GOP lawmaker asks Trump to pardon Assange, claims he has info absolving Russia: report

Facebook turns over more info to Mueller on Russian ad buys during 2016 election after search warrant: report

Manafort's spokesman spends 2 and 1/2 hours testifying before grand jury

"Trump must visit North Korea to negotiate with Kim Jong Un"

Kelly looking to revamp White House political, outreach offices

Ex-Obama aide fires back at Trump: "Let us know when you kill Bin Laden"

Left warns Pelosi, Schumer: Don’t get too close to Trump

Senate Democrats are three seats shy of a majority and almost entirely on defense in the 2018 elections

Federal judge blocks Trump from defunding sanctuary cities

Hospitals come out against new GOP effort to repeal ObamaCare

British police: Trump tweets on London terror attack "unhelpful"

Protestors shut down St. Louis streets after ex-cop acquitted in murder of black man

Hope he understands that NK is analyzing all aspects of his statement & if the US does nothing-we appear toothless.

Staff with Trump on this pre-UNGA trip from DC to Bedminster: Gen Kelly Hagin Dina Powell Rob Porter Hope Hicks Dan Scavino Ivanka Jared.

"When our enemies hear the F35 engines their souls will tremble and they will know the day of reckoning has arrived," Trump at .

"Radical Islamic terrorism. It will be eradicated, believe me," Trump says as UK raises terrorism threat level to critical.

On Monday during UN General Assembly, Trump will have meetings with leaders of France and Israel, then dinner with Latin American leaders.

On Tuesday, Trump will lunch with the UN secretary general, and meet with Czech and Slovak leaders, and emir of Qatar, McMaster tells press.

On Wednesday, Trump meets with leaders of Jordan, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, UK and African nations.

On Thursday, Trump meets with leaders of Turkey, Afghanistan, Ukraine. Lunch with leaders of South Korea and Japan.

North Korea....

Sanctions increase “urgency” of South Korean aid to North: MOU

1 hour ago
NEW: Latest North Korea missile test shows Guam is within striking distance

1 hour ago
ICYMI, Kim Jong Un oversaw launch of Hwasong-12 on Friday

Another North Korean ship heads to Chinese coal, iron port

'Take cover' - but where? Japanese helpless over North Korea threat

North Korea says the country has vowed to complete its nuclear weapons programme despite United Nations' sanctions

will never accept as a nuclear state, says its ambassador to US.

NEW: UN Security Council releases statement on 's latest ballistic missile launch.

says missile fired over into Pacific was a Hwasong-12.

NEW images of yesterday's test from .


The First Minister of Catalonia just published instructions on how to use a proxy to get around judges' orders blocking referendum websites.

DEEP SPAIN: What Is Article 155 Of The Spanish Constitution? This Is How Madrid Would Suspend Home Rule In Catalonia

More than 700 mayors from across Catalonia gathered in Barcelona on Saturday to confirm their support for a planned independence referendum.

BBC: Separatists rally around mayors in Barcelona.

Vodafone in Spain also confirms to one user that they have blocked access to Catalan referendum websites after receiving a court order.

And this thread from last night:

1 hour ago
The "http" version of one Catalan referendum website mirror has been shut down, but the more secure "httpS" version still works.

1 hour ago
Mobile operator Movistar (Telefónica) confirms to one user that it has blocked access to Catalan referendum websites on judge's order.

After being ordered not to print referendum ads, El Punt Avui publishes the same image with: "Catalans, on October 1, 'That'".

Another rendition of Els Segadors to bring the separatist event in Barcelona to a close: "We will vote! We will vote!".

Puigdemont and Colau hosting a rally in support of 712 Catalan mayors being investigated by the public prosecutor.

La Vanguardia: "Central government takes control of Catalan government accounts".

La Razón: "Government orders banks to denounce illegal referendum payments".

El País: "Rajoy: 'you are going to force us to go where we don't want to go'".

Odds & Ends !


🔴 : Overview of ’s stadium as thousands of Kurds rally in support of the region’s independence from .

Now that the Referendum is going forward , watch to see whether a campaign of violence kicks off.

Will the Peshmerga confront Iraq Army , if PM Abadi does intervene?

Imagine that - just as Iraq PM Abadi warns of intervention if there is violence - we see sudden violence !

United Kingdom says it “does not support” referendum, calls for talks with

: Thousands of people pour into ’s football stadium in support of the upcoming independence referendum. 🗳

Kurdish President says no one “brought a better alternative” to Region’s independence referendum

President says a future state will not be a Kurdish one, but one that belongs to all Kurds, including Arabs, Christians.

We will strengthen the culture of coexistence, peace and brotherhood with all components — Kurdish President .

We will not impose any form of governance in liberated areas — we will allow people to decide, says President Barzani.

. calls on Region to “call off” the independence referendum scheduled for 25/9


Head of the Libyan-Italian Joint Operations Room denies establishment of Italian bases in southern

3 million liters of diesel fuel pumped to the Sarir power plant.

Pres. Council VP Ahmed Maiteeg holds a series of meetings with Russian Gov't officials in Moscow

Anti-smuggling Unit in Zliten stops attempt to illegally transpot 108 migrants from to Europe

Nazhuri overrules Beida interior minister on Shahat mayor sacking after locals protest -

Gulf Rift...

: tribe elders convene to discuss ’s actions against them —

1 hour ago
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

France Urges Saudi-Led Regimes to Lift Embargo on Qatar

to take part in UN General Assembly meetings

crisis and efforts to resolve it through diplomatic means, reg and int'l developments at the top of HH Emir's tour agenda.

Conquering Qatar would "solve everyone's problems"


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From Dear al-Zour, forces & allies are pushing forces towards al-Mayadeen: time to finish off .

As my Military source confirmed to me morning , Now Russian Media said : Russia denies striking Kurdish in Deir Ezzor

: Russia denies bombing US-backed force in east : spokesman to

SDF allege Russia and / or SAA Jets target SDF positions in Deir Ezzor Governorate.

Deir Ezzor Airbase situation map - Syrian Army liberated Al-Mari'iyah

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Breaking; Reports that Iraqi Forces liberated Akashat near the Syria-Iraq border

1 hour ago
Russian forces struck a target east of the Euphrates River in near Dayr Az Zawr, causing injuries to Coalition partner forces.

Great map of oil fields by + shows the stakes for to stop the / in its tracks in E

Russian / Syrian aircraft bombed SDF positions north of Salhiya - Deir ez-Zor Map:

Iraqi forces to launch anti-ISIS operation at Syria-Iraq border soon!

: Turkey to control 5,000 km2 in Idlib from Jisr Al Shughour to Dar Tazza & covering Taftanaz, Maraat Al Numan, and Khan Shaykhoun

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Play Time is apparently over.

Deir Ezzor Airbase situation map - Syrian Army liberated Al-Mari'iyah

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