Monday, August 28, 2017

Economic news , Data & Views....August 28 , 2017..... Quick Hits For Monday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , North Korea Launches Three Ballistic Missiles Over Japan ; US - Stocks Have So-So Day ( Nasdaq Outshines S&P And Dow) , Oil Smacked Down & Gasoline Best Performer Among Energy Sector , Gold & Treasuries Also Shine Today. 2) Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Harvey Updates - News & Updates From Noon , Today's Notable Developments. 3) US Politics - Non "Harvey" Related US Political News. 4) Europe News For Monday - UK , Greece , Germany , France & Spain. 5) Odds & Ends - Primarily MENA Related News.


Here's what's on tap...

Australian ANZ Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer Confidence Index: 113.5 (prev 109.2)

Japanese Overall Household Spending (Y/Y) Jul: -0.2% (est 0.7% ; prev 2.30%)

Japanese Jobless Rate Jul: 2.8% (est 2.8% ; prev 2.80%) Japanese Job-To-Applicant Ratio Jul: 1.52 (est 1.52 ; prev 1.51)

US Military Considering Deploying Strategic Military Assets To Korean Peninsula - Yonhap Citing Blue House - RTRS

(URGENT) S. Korea, U.S. agree to discuss latest N. Korean provocation at UNSC

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Reuters: Secretary of State Tillerson, foreign min Kang agree to discuss tougher sanctions - Blue House


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If you count satellite launch vehicles, this is the 3rd, but this is the 1st with a ballistic missile designed to carry nuclear payloads.

Yonhap: , joit chiefs chairs in phone call agree to take strong response including military measures against

Japan Defence Min: Latest North Korea Missile Was Likely Same Type As Intermediate Ballistic Missile It Launch On May 14 - RTRS

No damage reported in as a result of missile launch.

North Korea launches three missiles over Japan on Tuesday ( for Asia.)

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3 Missiles launched by

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Some of the reasons would look to overfly Japan with a ballistic missile:

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Reports of Submarine launch by North Korea

missile towards was fired from near capital Pyongyang, according to initial reports.


Quiet day...

FX news wrap...

Oil drop continues on refinery closure. Hits lowest since July 24

Hurricane Harvey....

Pictures how close water is to overtopping the Inverness Levee

Ambulance's parked on Highway 249 as St. Luke's Hospital evacuates.

Keep in mind part of the flooding due to the release of water by ACE earlier this morning..

The says more than TWO DOZEN subdivisions near the Addicks and Barker reservoirs could see flooding. LIST:

THIS ! Why Harvey is not Katrina.....

1 hour ago
WATCH NOW: U.S. Army Corps says reservoirs continue to rise even after a release of flood waters

1 hour ago
NEW: --Addicks reservoir at 105 feet., up from 103 feet at 2 p.m. --Barker at 99 ft., up from 97 feet at 2 p.m.

New forecast: Rain could move out of by Wednesday morning as moves farther east

Updated rainfall and forecast from Also for reference, Buffalo Bayou is 2.5 ft above it's record, forecast to stay beyond Sep. 2

4 pm CDT Key messages for . Catastrophic flooding continues in SE Texas, flood threat spreading eastward into Louisiana.

Updated forecast rainfall for the next 3 days shows additional rain totals backing off to the west, still much expected to the east

1 hour ago
Flooding forces Reuters to evacuate Houston office..

Disastrous flooding from . Colorado River appears to be cresting now~2pm

Just classy. Kudos to Mexico.

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JUST IN: Mandatory evacuation ordered for Dickinson, Texas. "There may be NO resources available for search and rescues" per county official

Evacuation list -Dickerson latest addition.

Some incredible rainfall totals, with 15-25 inches possible over these same areas through Friday.

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LATEST: New 72-hour rainfall map shows totals as high as 39.72 inches of rain in the Houston area

FAA: Houston Bush airport remains closed Monday due to , and is not expected to open until 12 p.m. CT on Thursday -


Houston Police have rescued 2,000 people; received another 185 critical rescue requests.

4,000 water related incidents in 24 hours. 290 water rescues since midnight, according to Houston Fire.

Impressive and simply fantastic work !

Keep the Houston area in your thoughts today , Tuesday , Wednesday......

Harvey losses seen (at the moment) at $30bn. Context: costliest global disasters since 1980

JUST IN: Pres. Trump approves Louisiana emergency declaration in response to

US Politics....

JUST IN: Supreme Court justice temporarily blocks order for Texas congressional districts to be redrawn

Trump insists Mexico will pay for border wall after Mexico refuses to fund it

Tillerson pushes to eliminate dozens of State Department positions:

Trump: I pardoned Joe Arpaio during the hurricane because I assumed the TV ratings would be higher

1 hour ago

It suggests he did not actually have access to Peskov, as opposed to being evidence of his strong connections.

"The Trump Tower Moscow proposal was not related in any way to Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign,” Cohen wrote in statement to Cong.invest's

Trump probably asking his team "Why didn't I fire this clown long before last Friday ? "

Just kerp getting murkier and murkier..


Trump has wanted to terminate NAFTA all along.



EU only wants to talk about the Brexit Bill...

Tit for tat....

Brexit to speak....

Japanese officials "signalled" becomes UK "dashed" in headline. Yet not one official on the record quote.

Uk negotiators expected not to give figure, only an oral presentation of legal analysis on what they believe are UK's financial commitments


ENFIA property tax hitting home again

Steel industry facing total reshape amid many closures

PPC to sign agreement with China Development Bank

Local News...


German corporations team up against US tech heavyweights with new platform

Isis terrorists are ‘in among us’, Syrian journalist warns

Anti-terror raids launched in north Germany over 'murder plot against political left'


Macron hosts African and EU leaders for migration talks

France's delivery bike riders take to the streets to protest salary changes


Summer comes to an end with rain in Spain falling mainly…everywhere

Death toll from Spain attacks rises to 16: local officials

Odds & Ends...

North Korean coal exports to China remain at zero for fifth month

308 left Qalamoun with their weapons along with 670 civilians and 26 wounded reveals Nasrallah.

Coalition-backed SDF offensive to capture Raqqa entered 82nd day, they now control approximately 70% of the city

Inevitable ISIS would adapt to insurgency type tactics , as quasi state in Iraq is part of dustbin of history.

Libya recent oil chaos continues

Buses of IS militants begins to move out of Jaroud towards DeirEzzor, when they reach Badiyah, IS will release Hezbollah POW Ahmad Ma'touq.

Explains why victory came swiftly...

Map showing recent activity and advances.

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On the same day today, loses Nineveh province in and in : a great day.

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