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Economic News , Data & Views....July 9 , 2017....Quick Hits For Sunday-1) UK - Sunday Political Round Up Including Sunday Talk Shows. 2) US Politics : Replace & Repeal Updates ; Various Takes On Trump's Proposal For A US-Russia Cyber Security Partnership ; Trump-Putin Meeting At G-20 Follow up Intel ; US-Ukraine Relations , Minsk Agreement Discussion ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Iraq- Elimination Of ISIS Declared By Iraq's Prime Minister , But Fighting In Mosul Continues. 4) Libya - Misrata Coalition Clashing With Tripoli Forces Allegedly 30 Kilometers East Of Tripoli. 5) Gulf Rift Updates - Different Points Of View And Updates For Sunday. 6) Odds & Ends - North Korea , Syria -Southwest Syria De-Escalation Zone Holding So Far , G-20 Riots After G-20 Leaves Hamburg , Turkey CHP Led Protest , Additional Items Of Interest.


WATCH Labour education chief admits Jeremy Corbyn was wrong on working class uni claim

ICYMI: Labour MP accuses Corbyn allies of 'holding a baseball bat' by threatening deselection

LISTEN: Public sector pay pressure, Labour's frontbench and an interview with in our NEW podcast

Cabinet minister David Lidington blames 'too much prosecco' for speculation about Theresa May's future -

1 hour ago
Sir Vince Cable: Brexit may never happen -

1 hour ago

We watched 'em so you don't have to - Sunday show highlights all in one place.

Gulf between Theresa May and Philip Hammond widens at G20:

US Politics....

Looks like Comey's Trump memos contained classified materials , he may have broken FBI rules and also may not have testified truthfully.

That is a good question for CIA Brennan to answer.

Mnuchin discusses cybersecurity partnership with Russia. One can either just complain about hacking or attempt to confront the problem.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, a fierce opponent of the Senate HC bill, reportedly said she will kill the legislation if it comes down to her.

Donald Trump Jr. responds to the meeting with the Russian lawyer.

: Priebus - Meeting of Jr., , Manafort w Kremlin-ccnnected lawyer is "nothing burger"

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. said the meeting was primarily about adoptions and did not mention Hillary Clinton

Replying to 
On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. said he had met with the Russian lawyer at the request of an acquaintance

Tillerson: US will have a "dialogue" with Russia to prevent future election interference

McCain: Senate GOP healthcare bill is probably dead

Rubio slams Trump for proposing cyber unit with Russia: We can never trust Putin

McCain: Putin could help in cyber partnership because he's the one doing the hacking

Graham: Trump's cyber partnership with Russia is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard

Priebus - Trump pushed the issue for a significant portion of their meeting, bringing up the topic more than once.

Dem, GOP party heads clash over lack of transparency in GOP healthcare bill

1 hour ago
Illinois finally has a budget plan after two years without one. Now it has some bills to pay:

1 hour ago
Trump denies he talked about sanctions with Putin, contradicting Tillerson

1 hour ago
Trump: Putin and I talked about creating a "cyber unit" against election hacking

1 hour ago
Haley: We don't trust Russia but we need to work with them on cybersecurity

"We are disappointed by the lack of progress under the Minsk agreement," that's why US now has Ukraine special envoy

Jazz Shaw " If we assume that Russia was putting out fake stories and trying to sway opinions to “meddle” in the election 1 of 5.

Sec. Mnuchin says he hopes Ted Cruz's proposed health care amendment to allow insurers to offer reduced plans "will get supported."

Tillerson seems to be on board with some process to eliminate "meddling" , where do FBI/DHS/CIA & NSA stand regarding this "concept" ?

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin on debt limit: "When we've already committed to pay for things, we have to honor those commitments."

Trump is not saying, though, whether he believes Putin, tweeting that he's "already given my opinion." FWIW.

Mnuchin, on whether Pres. Trump accepts Putin's denial: "Why should he answer that question directly? He's made it very clear how he feels."

LIVE NOW: Treasury Sec. calls Pres. Trump's G20 trip an "outstanding success."


1 hour ago
PM has arrived in governor building in east .

Thread in progress on West Mosul by the intrepid world traveler - Rukmini Callimachi.

PM inside operations room in to announce complete liberation.

Images of PM in moments ago.

It would appear even if the Prime Minister announces liberation of Mosul , fighting will continue today.

Looks like ISIS still holed up in a last remnant of land in West Mosul , civilians impeding actions of Iraq SFs.

Victory keeps being declared , but remnants of ISIS keeps fighting until the death.

Iraq declares victory in but at the cost of staggering destruction and unimaginable suffering. Pictures by AFP's Ahmad al-Rubaye


Power Plants South and West of Tripoli go out of service as a result of ongoing fighting.

Violent clashes rage on in Garabulli, eastern Tripoli, deaths reported

Mobile & Internet are down in Misurata because a cable in Garabulli known as New Generation Basic Network (NGBN) was dug-up & damaged.

As a result of clashes and a possible escalation, Op Room of the Ministry of Health asks to the hospitals in & around Tripoli to be prepared

New reinforcement from Emad Tarabulsi just joined Haytam Tajoori forces in Garabuli

Replying to 
After buildup in ’s south, clashes now being reported 40 miles *east* of it.

Ongoing power outages in making life difficult.

Replying to 
This alleges: Misrata coalition includes Badi (behind 5/24/17 clashes in south Tripoli); LNA nearby, also mobilizng

Breaking:heavy clashes in Garabuli east between anti PC (GNA) forces & pro PC forces attempting to block advance on capital.

Replying to 
Tripoli Martyrs Brigade is fortifying its position in the forces clashing with anti PC forces is to delay not to defeat.

Breaking:coastal road is closed for travellers heading east of as fighting intensifies few Km down the road.

Breaking:anti PC forces advancing on garabouli town less the 30Km east of

army chief in for talks on military ‘cooperation’

Rep.Mohamed Al-Raeid says interested parties will meet in Cairo for reconciliation talks by end of July

Gulf Rift....

Air blockade: Transport Minister meets official

Qatar's hoard of $340 billion and gold bullion means it's not worrying about the current boycott

Appears hasn't disputed former U.S counter-terrorism chief Clarke's revelations on Qatar supporting terrorism

OPINION: Where is the heading to next? Columnist writes

Iraqi tribes plan on filing international lawsuits against

is now demanding compensation for its losses, and is looking at taking its claims to international courts.

Qatar will seek compensation for damages from blockade All the latest updates on the Qatar-Gulf crisis:

Qatar seeks 'siege' compensation for firms, citizens

Qatar's private sector 'helps overcome siege consequences'

Qatar’s rejection of Arab states’ ultimatum & denial of terrorism financing ‘shockingly naive’ – UAE

Is anti-Qatar quartet spreading hate speech in mosques?

OPINION: It’s goodbye, ! Saudi columnist Salman al-Dossary writes on the

Odds & Ends....


1 hour ago
IN PHOTOS: Main opposition head Kılıçdaroğlu completes ‘justice march,’ thousands flock to Istanbul rally

Kılıçdaroğlu will walk two kilometers with fellow CHP deputies and a group of participants but will walk alone for the final kilometer.

G-20 Riots...

So , the criminals rioted for a third night - after G-20 was over and Leaders left ? MSM should stop referring to them as "protesters."

A politican (Altmaier, CDU/CSU) compares the Riots with ISIS and NSU.


: Air force bombed HQ in al-Mayadeen, close to deir al-Zour in , in agreement with the gov in .

US-Russian ceasefire takes effect in southwest Syria

North Korea....

Opinion: "A US strike on Pyongyang would provoke an all-out war on the Korean peninsula"

Threatening or bluffing: Is the US really ready to strike ?

China shows no sign of caving to US pressure to tighten the screws on North Korea.

Obama defense secretary: US is fully prepared for a North Korea attack

North Korea: US bombing practice near us is a reckless provocation

North Korea 'still on standby' for nuke test: 38 North

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