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Economic News , Data & Views....July 11 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving News & Data ; US - Dow & S&P Essentially Unchanged , Nasdaq Shows A Bit Of Life , Oil Pops After Regular Trading As API Report Shows Considerably Larger Than Expected Draws , Gold Up A Tad , Treasury Yields Down A Tad ; Digital Currency Updates. 2) US Politics : Donald Trump Jr Story Continues To Grow Stranger By The Day ; Replace & Repeal Updates ; Border Wall News ; Additional Odds & Ends. 3) UK- Around The Political Horn For UK Today. 4) Qatar Vs Quartet ( Gulf Rift ) : US & Qatar Make Deal On Fighting Terrorism ; Quartet Rejects US Effort , Lambasts Quatar & States All Measures Against Qatar Will Remain In Place Until Qatar Commits To Fulfill All Conditions Of Quartet ; Quartet Meet With US SoS Tillerson Wednesday. 4) Odds & Ends - Syria & Iraq Updates !


Good morning from Berlin! Asian stocks mixed ahead of Yellen. Dollar weaker on Trump Jr. Emails. extends gains on US stockpiles data.

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Economic data due from Asia today (start your engines)

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SI Retail Sales SA (M/M) May: -1.00% (Est 0.40%, Rev Prev 1.70%) SI Retail Sales (Y/Y) May: 0.90% (Est 2.20%, Rev Prev 2.70%)

PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate at 6.7868 (vs. yesterday at 6.7983)

JN PPI (Y/Y) Jun: 2.10% (Est 2.0%, Prev 2.10%) JN PPI (M/M) Jun: 0.00% (Est 0.00%, Prev 0.00%)


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Nasdaq rises, but S&P and Dow end little changed

Crude -8133, Gasoline -801 Cushing -2028 Distillate +2079

Boom !

OIL - private inventory data shows US crude stocks larger than expected draw

Digital Currency Items Of Note...

Litecoin Fares Better Than Most in Crypto Downturn

Crypto Calamity: Ethereum, Bitcoin Prices Sink as Market Plunges Below $80 Billion

US Politics....

Don "Fredo" Trump Jr ....

He doesn't yet get that anything he says , can and will be used against him. Not sure why his attorneys are letting him talk so much.

CNN legal analyst: "Absurd" to say Trump Jr.'s Russian lawyer meeting could be treason

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The latest Russia revelations lay the groundwork for a conspiracy case

Five questions raised by the Trump Jr. emails

Nigerian scammers going to light up Don Jr's email...

Fwiw...hard to believe what anyone says about anything presently. ..

Committees fight over who will question Trump Jr. first

I think Jon Turley is right. Don "Fredo Corleone" Trump Jr , way over his head during campaign and a rank amateur.

Pretty even handed treatment of Don Trump Jr.'s debacle. To paraphrase Preet-might not be illegal-but dumb as hell.

Pence statement on Trump Jr meeting: I wasn’t even part of the campaign then




Don Jr apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer..


ObamaCare repeal is close. Why aren’t conservative groups more galvanized?

Senate GOP outlines revised ObamaCare replacement bill

Cruz healthcare amendment could raise premiums for 1.5 million people with preexisting conditions: study


What’s next if the Senate health bill fails

Border Wall...

Rick Perry to visit Mexico for energy partnership after Trump insisted on border wall at last meeting

JUST IN: House bill allocates $1.6 billion for Trump’s Mexico border wall

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More US Politics....

US commander strongly refutes reports of war crimes in Mosul fight

FBI: Person of interest taken into custody after Oklahoma Air Force bombing

Top US commander: "I don't have a clue" if ISIS leader is alive or dead

Six airlines make progress in lifting flight laptop ban



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ICYMI: Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry to lead cross-party group opposing ‘hard Brexit’

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Boris Johnson: Britain has 'no plan' for leaving EU without a trade deal

A look back at Britain's first referendum in 1975 and its differences with 2016. Includes Neil Hamilton in a duel.

"If Brexit doesn’t happen, then Britain isn’t a democracy." I suspect "for a generation" is underplaying it...

This is a really important detail. Brexit will mean that the EU nations will need to adapt/expand their customs systems to recieve UK goods

UK PM Spokeswoman: Prepared For All Eventualities On Brexit Negotiations; Including No Brexit Deal - RTRS

Gulf Rift....

Quartet issues joint statement on ▶️

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt issued the following statement: "The four countries value the efforts made by the United States to counter terrorism and to dry up sources of terror finance as well as the full-fledged robust partnership embodied in the Islamic-US Summit, which formed an international decisive position against extremism and terrorism, regardless of their sources and origin. 

While the four countries believe that the Memorandum of Understanding between the US and the Qatari authorities a result of repeated pressures and demands over the past years to Qatar to stop supporting terrorism, they affirm that such a step is not sufficient and they will closely monitor the seriousness of Qatar in combating all forms of funding, supporting and fostering terrorism. 

The Quartet affirms that the measures they have taken were motivated by the continuous and diversified activities of the Qatari authorities in supporting and funding terrorism, hosting terrorists, promoting hateful and extremist rhetoric and interfering in the internal affairs of other states. Qatar should completely and absolutely stop such activities and implement the fair and legitimate demands, in addition to any demands that the four countries may later announce, after the world knows about the insincerity of the Qatari authorities. 

The Qatari authorities have negated all their agreements and commitments, including the Riyadh Agreement in 2013, which triggered the withdrawal of ambassadors from Doha. The ambassadors were reinstated only after Qatar signed the supplementary agreement in 2014. However, Doha has continued to meddle in the internal affairs of states and has incited, hosted and colluded with terrorists, funded terror operations and spread messages of hatred and extremism. 

Consequently, the four countries cannot trust any commitments made by the Qatari authorities because of their existing policies without the establishment of strict controls to verify they are serious about returning to the normal and rightful course. 

The four countries also affirm that the measures will remain in place until the Qatari authorities commit themselves to fully implement these fair demands, which seek to counter terrorism and achieve stability and security in the region.'' 

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Replying to 
Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain said the agreement between Qatar and the US was "insufficient"

The full Joint Statement issued by the four countries

Amid Absence of Solution, Qatar Crisis Proves Costly for Both Sides

Egypt wants Qatar out of anti-ISIL coalition

Qatar Threatens to Leave PGCC Unless Saudi-led Siege is Lifted

Tillerson statement regarding memo of understanding with Qatar.

LATEST — US, Qatar sign agreement on fighting terrorism: Qatari minister

Replying to 
's Foreign Minister says agreement reached with not related to the current Gulf crisis in Middle East.

Quartet to meet SoS Tillerson in Jeddah , Saudia Arabia Wednesday. Should be an interesting meeting.

Odds & Ends...


Sowane warns clashes in eastern pose large threat to 's capital

Which Air Force ?

says intensifying communications to Libyan parties, and UAE to accelerate negotiations.

Abdulrahman Swehli ends visit to The , met with FM Koenders and high ranking officials.

Interior Minister arrives in on Thursday to discuss migration strategy.

Libyan political delegation in Brussels for talks with European parliament -

"We are going to control the western region and its ports in order to end the smuggling of people and end the illegal immigration dilemma.”

Iraq / Syria....

Replying to 
2) As of yet, *NO official statement* from & heavy skepticism from its online community (tho unlikely to believe media regardless)

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3) As one pro- channel stated, such reports are meant “to demoralize the Muslims mentality in order for any coming battles [sic]”

Excellent map and "relatively" current - from 6/29/17.

SAA are in full control of al-Hayl gas field and the hills overlooking it. Clashes ongoing in outskirts as IS trying to re-enter gas field

Biggest takeaway is cost of war on Syria 226 BN , to date.

Nothing on official ISIS channels regarding alleged death of Baghdadi. Neither US nor Iraq able to verify claim.

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