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Economic News , Data & Views ...June 20 , 2017....Quick Hits for Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - Major Stocks All Down For The Day , Oil & Gold Also Lower , US Treasuries Catch A Bid Today , API Shows Larger Than Expected Draw For Crude But Products Show Builds ; Europe Markets Wrap. 2) US Political Scene Round Up : Domestic Front Including Special Elections Tonight In Georgia & South Carolina , Appointment Updates , Climate Control , Trump Domestic Agenda Items , Congressional / Mueller Probes ; Foreign Policy Items Touching On Qatar , Ukraine , Syria , Trade , North Korea , Russia , 3) Brussels - Foiled Terror Attack today. 4) UK- Deal Between Tories & DUP To Be Announced Thursday Or Will DUP Walk Away ? Additional Domestic Politics Of Note. EU-UK Talks Related Items For Tuesday. 5) Libya Updates De Jour. 6) Iraq West Mosul Battle Updates . 7) Syria War Updates. 8) Qatar- KSA Tussle Updates. 9) Odds & Ends Items From Europe , Africa , US , Asia .



As per royal decree published by SPA , King Salman called for a public pledging of allegiance in Mecca today to the new crown prince.

Good morning from Berlin! Asia stocks drop as slump spooks investors. China up after MSCI added China’s domestic stocks to its EM index

S&P says "real possibility" of downgrade.

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Economic data due from Asia today

PBOC survey - Bankers' confidence in the economy improved in Q2

Australia - Westpac Leading Index (May): -0.02% m/m (prior -0.12% m/m)

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BOJ meeting minutes (April 26/27 meeting) out now

1 hour ago
BoJ Minutes: Members Agreed Inflation Expectations Remain Weak - Members Agreed That Gains In Industrial Production Will Continue

1 hour ago
BoJ Minutes: One Member Sees JGB Purchases Cannot Be Maintained Next Year Unless BoJ Starts Reducing Purchases Now

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BoJ Minutes: Many Members See Risks Top Economy Skewed To The Downside - Few Members See CPI Not Reaching 2% During Projection Period

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BoJ Minutes: Most Members See No Conflict Between JGB Buys And Market Ops Guides - One Member Sees Bank Cutting Asset Prices Incrementally

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BoJ Minutes: Most Members See Price Goal Momentum Not Firm Enough - One Member Sees Stable LTerm Rates Show Yield Curve Control Is Working

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North Korea prepping for its sixth nuclear test , perhaps on Wednesday ?

I'd be careful hopping on the A-Share train. Pretty sure that panda is on a North Korean missile

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MSCI will include China A shares in its EM index

US Market wrap

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Another day around the way..

US stocks end the day near lows for the day

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: GBP the weakest. Fed's Evans/Kaplan nervous about inflation

API not a market mover...

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Crude -2.72 Distillate +1.837 Gasoline +346 Cushing -1.269


European stocks give back some of the gains from yesterday

France stats bureau sees best growth since 2011

US Political Beat....

This is a complete stunner ! State Department calls out KSA and UAE today !

State Dept. condemns Persian Gulf countries for Qatar embargo, seemingly putting Trump and Tillerson further at odds

The puppetmaster strikes again

WH senior official, in a text just now: "They haven't figured out how to beat Trump"

HANDEL 127,021 OSSOFF 114,390 99% reporting

LIVE RESULTS: Handel widens lead in Georgia special election

NRCC chair Stivers: I congratulate Ralph Norman and his family on his resounding victory tonight in SC (although closer than expected)

McCain threatens to block Trump's deputy Defense secretary nominee

JUST IN: Sessions hires his own lawyer

"New border adjustment tax would amount to a $5 trillion tax hike on consumers"

Health CEOs blast Medicaid cuts in Senate GOP ObamaCare repeal bill

15 state AGs join lawsuit against Trump repealing Obama methane regulation rule

Dems, GOP brace for nail-biter in must-win Georgia special election:

Trump admin won't say if they'll make future critical ObamaCare payments to insurers

Senate Transportation Committee to reject Trump plan to privatize air traffic control

Ford to move factory to China after Trump pressures company not to move to Mexico:

Trumpcare aka Replace&Repeal , Senate vote now set for next week...

CONFIRMED: Trump Can Get The Unmasking Records Out of Obama Library - Big League Politics

THIS WEEK is when President Trump will disclose what if any tapes exist of his conversations with James Comey, per

Asked if North Korea killed Otto Warmbier, detained for 17 months & sent home in a coma, Spicer says need to wait for more info on his death

Spicer says State Dept pondering restrictions on Americans' travel to North Korea in wake of Otto Warmbier death.

Asked about coming changes in communications shop at White House, including possible new press secretary, Spicer: "I'm right here."

Ukraine's Poroshenko and entourage meet in Oval Office with Trump, Pence, H.R. McMaster, Michael Anton. Photo by .

New: U.S. reinforces existing sanctions on Russia by broadening the list of people and entities whose assets are blocked.

Interesting - this move of various documents , just might impede the probe many are eager to pursue...


"In retrospect Whitewater seems overblown...At least so far, the Whitewater scandal was far more substantive than the Russia-collusion."

First on CNN: US F-15 shot down a 2nd Iranian made drone near At Tanf, Syria Monday. Armed drone was assessed to pose a threat to US forces

Polls are open in and . We will have results for both after 7pm at


BREAKING - - Brussels station blast 'considered as a terror attack' says prosecutor

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Prosecutor: suspect in explosion called "Allah Akhbar" and is neutralized but NOT dead.

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Suspect in Brussels train station blast shouted "Allahu Akbar," according to a witness

Possible explosive belt...

- Sources: 1 suitcase exploded. Military saw a man with wires around himself. Possible SBELT. Target neutralized.

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- Large military and police deployment (Pic: )

Reports of explosion in Brussels train station, area evacuated, heavily armed police on the scene.


UK - 30 Tory MPs tell the PM that a 'No Deal' on Brexit is unacceptable

Comments from UK PM May (ICYMI): Will see Brexit through

Final election donations reveal Tories raked in millions more than Labour and still lost majority -

Sadiq Khan urges Theresa May to dispel public 'mistrust' over Grenfell inquiry

Philip Hammond tells Tories to 'make anew' the case for cutting the deficit -

Clouds gathering...

Deal between UK Conservatives and DUP likely to be announced Thurs - BBC

BREAKING UK Government sources: No DUP deal til Thursday at the earliest. Theresa May will unveil Queen's Speech without a Commons majority.

DUP: Negotiations With Conservatives Have Not Proceeded The Way The DUP Would Have Expected - Sky News

DUP: Party Cannot Be Taken For Granted By British PM May's Conservatives - Sky News

Northern Irish DUP: Urges UK Govt To Give Greater Focus To Negotiations - Sky News

SocGen: Five Brexit scenarios and probabilities


Suicide bomber attacks Sidra Checkpoint, 180km east of .

PC's western and central military commanders sworn in -

A gov. source told me their return is unlikely to happen before compensation is paid & other arrangements like security in place


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

Home stretch - just one very tough District left in West Mosul...

Counter Terrorism Units directing civilians that are evacuating Old city.

joint operations announced the arrest of "radio news Anchor" in east after locals informed authorities of his whereabouts

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forces will transfer him (Alaa Sami Al-Khatib) to . He has a close relationship with commanders.


Syrian Democratic Forces captured Kasrat al Faraj from - south of Map:


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1. launched 6missiles towards . 2.Each of the 6missiles hit predetermined targets. 3.ISIS supporters lie about this operation.

Al Tanf remains an area of high sensitivity for US led Coalition...

Situation south-west of Raqqa Larger:

SAA further progress in East Homs..

SAA progress in East Homs..

Australia suspends air strikes in Syria after Russian threatens coalition aircraft

Great news: Syrian families want to return to Syrian Government after spending a few weeks in Al-Qaeda occupied Idlib. Welcome back


State Dept is getting frustrated with Saudi and its friends over the Qatar stand off. Report from today's briefing

Qatar says news agency hacking linked to states boycotting Doha

Qatar Hackers had IP addresses from countries “blockading” Qatar: Qatar AG. But... CNN said it was Russia

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+ White House: 'Qatar should stop supporting terrorism!' State Department: 'Hold on, there's no proof of that!'

Why are pro- media outlets defending ?

Sources: embroiled in money laundering in

Gas and the Gulf crisis: How Qatar could gain the upper hand

Contradictory remarks from Qatar's Foreign Minister leads to confusion as to what messaging from Qatar really means.

With far from tranquil, Essebsi (ex-regime governing in partnership with the MB) spends Friday with FM & Monday w/ FM

6/20 items ( at time of tweet ) : 1) Qatar Foreign Minister to fly to US to discuss Gulf Rift ; 2) HRW meets Qataris impacted by blockade.

Turkey continues to stand by Qatar....11 tons of food being delivered...

Turkish Troops in Qatar War Games as Persian Gulf Tensions Rise

Odds & Ends...



Bremer LB cancels (as of next interest payment date of June 29th) , all interest payments on two Euro AT1 notes.

South Korea's Moon trial balloon "could discuss possible preemptive strike on N.K... when threat more urgent"

Five-Star Movement MP tells € referendum is "a negotiating tool" and "our Plan B". Sounds like a major policy change.


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- Updated preliminary toll: 16 killed, 17 injured.

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At least 10 killed in Mogadishu minibus attack on local government offices

EZ Finance Minister and Budget agreeable to Merkel...

Just a glitch in the Matrix..

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