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Economic News , Data & Views....May 30 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia-Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving Data & News - As Available ; US - Stocks Indexes Come Back Off Holiday With Losses Across The Board Today , US Crude Down , US Treasuries Catch Bid Today ; Additional Items Of Interest. 2) UK : Times/YouGov Poll Hits Pound , Projection Tories To Fall 16 Seats Short Of Absolute Majority ; Manchester Terror Attack Updates ; Additional Political News Of The Day From The UK. 3) US Political Round Up : White House Communication Director Resigns As Other White House Staff Changes Apparently Mulled ; Russian Probe Updates ; Trump Tweets De Jour ; Additional Domestic & International Items To Consider Touching On US Politics. 3) Europe Round Up ( Sans UK ) : News From Greece , Spain , Germany , France , Italy To Consider. 4) Libya - Key Political News , State Of Play On Stability Matters. 5) Iraq/ Syria In Focus. 6) Odds & Ends !



Economic data due from Asia today - RBNZ up soon, China PMIs later


US stock indices end the day in the red

1 hour ago
Forexlive Americas FX news wrap:


Sterling not happy about the Times/YouGov poll showing Tories losing majority

has more here

Election: Poll projects UK conservative party to fall 16 seats short of overall majority

Theresa May: Jeremy Corbyn would be alone and naked in Brexit negotiating chamber

LISTEN to Jeremy Corbyn's full meltdown on live radio over Labour childcare pledge -

Fresh confusion as Barry Gardiner says Labour will not lift freeze on 'all benefits'

Paul Nuttall suggests return to internment for terror suspects

Nicola Sturgeon waters down plans to hold independence vote by spring 2019

George Osborne savages Theresa May's entire general election campaign -

19 year old son of a Libyan diplomat arrested in , during attack investigation.

50 still in hospital, 17 in critical care after Manchester attack

US Political Round Up....

Seems like a major 180 from Trump Team campaign position..

Pres Trump conferred today with to discuss decision on stay in or withdraw from Paris Agreement on climate change.

Spicer says Pres Trump interviewing two more candidates for FBI Director today including former TSA chief John Pistole.

Spicer said Pres Trump also has interview today with former Asst Atty Gen Chris Wray as part of search for new FBI Director.

Spicer reiterated attorney's statement that Kushner has "volunteered to share with Congress what he knows" about Russia meetings.

JUST IN: US is sending weapons to Syrian Kurds to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria:

Germany intelligence: We don't need US help to fight off election hacking by Russia: report

U.S. to EU: No laptop ban on states-bound flights

Congressional aide tells it's the same request for info on Russian contacts/comms that was sent to Flynn/Manafort/Stone/Page

The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems would do it, no doubt!

David Bossie on Fox News on Trump staff changes: "I think it's more addition than subtraction, in essence. They need to fill their ranks."

White House changes involving roles for Bossi and Lewandowski still in flux..

James Clapper on evidence of collusion between Trump campaign & Russia: "I didn’t see evidence of it before I left [DNI]" ()

UPDATE: Resigned White House Communications Director Michael Dubke has resigned without giving a reason

We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change

Russian officials must be laughing at the U.S. & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News.

Europe Sans UK....


Greek PM Tsipras Spoke by Phone With Merkel, Macron, EU’s Tusk

"What I did say is that the disbursement was not an issue-because all sides agreed that we have kept to our commitments" 1

Replying to 
"But the Greek govt feels that a disbursement without clarity on debt is not enough to turn the Greek economy around." 2

If Syriza thinks this will buy good will with the EG , ECB and IMF - they are badly misreading the situation.


Rajoy has been summoned for 26 July and will be testifying as a private citizen.

LATEST: El Mundo editor Pedro G. Cuartango sacked by published Unidad Editorial, Vozpópuli reports.


- German police arrest Syrian teen on suspicion of planning Berlin attack.

Feed for 's dove Draghi: 's headline inflation dropped to 1.5% YoY in May, from 2.0% YoY in Apr, lowest since Nov.

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German flash CPI: -0.18% MoM; +1.49% YoY.

German CPI/HICP slightly weaker than expected. No breakdown available but core probably on the weak side based on state CPI data.


Allegedly , terror attack averted in Paris , 2 men arrested. Apparently tried w/o success to activate explosives.

Second Macron minister comes under scrutiny after ethics claims

Drunken British Eurostar passengers trigger travel chaos and fury

Brexit helps push Paris property prices towards record levels


Italy's political parties are moving closer to a deal for autumn elections

again in spotlight as renewed pol risk rock bond mkt. Yield spreads have been moving against BTPs all year, Portugal outperform most.


Fayez Serraj discusses 's security developments during a conversation w/ the Secretary-General of NATO

First shipment of inspection equipment arrives in , will be distributed to airports & ports in Eastern

Fuel shortage in Southern : Commission says drivers reluctant to transport fuel/gas due to violence in region

Delegation of elders from Jufrah travel to Tobruk, meet with Ageilah Saleh.

Fayez Serraj: Military escalation in Jufrah is undermining the political process.

Turkish cargo vessel rescues 466 Europe-bound migrants without life vests aboard a sinking boat off Libyan coast

Iraq/ Syria....

: US begins transferring arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria - via

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: Pentagon says it began transferring AK-47s & small-caliber machine guns to Kurdish elements of Syrian Democratic Forces - via

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: Only a few hours ago, head of SDF-allied unit said his forces were nearing the edge of Raqa city - via

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The causality numbers for the suicide bomber that struck Heit city has increased to 35 dead and wounded.

Hundreds in east gathered in Al-Hadbaa to light candles for twin car bomb victims. 's wounds are one across country.

A huge explosion just rocked Heit city NW Ramadi province, no details known yet.

2nd reason is that multiple attacks against forces by females fighters wearing "Niqab" using suppressed weapons in east .

One of the reasons that security forces banned "Niqab" in is because fighters (Males) using it to hide among civilians.

Iraq -Syria updates..

Iraq -Syria updates...2

: At least 27 dead in Baghdad bombings: officials - via

France pays tribute to victims.

Map update of Old city.

Odds & Ends...

Poor Kathy Griffin appears to have lost her mind...


History doesn't repeat itself , but it does rhyme. European sovereign bond structured products next new thing ?

Creeping EZ Super State...

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