Thursday, April 6, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....April 6 , 2017......Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Friday , Market Moving News & Data ; US - Modest Gains For The Major Indexes Ahead Of Big US Employment Report Friday , Oil Up A Bit , Gold Down A Bit , US Bond Yields Largely Unchanged. 2) US Politics : Trumps Considers Military Action Against Syria After Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack Which Killed Numerous Civilians ; Gorsuch Confirmed After GOP Senators Use Nuclear Option ; Trump - XI Summit Starts With Dinner At Mar -a-Lago ; Repeal & Replace Updates ; Additional News Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Greece Updates , Privatization Progress , Economy & Creditor Talks Updates ; France Election Updates - Interesting Articles To Consider ; UK - Transitional Deal With EU Being Floated. 4) Libya Updates For Thursday / Friday. 5) US Imminently Poised To Stike Syria Tonight , Israel Set To Intervene On Humanitarian Grounds Shortly As Well ?



Economic data due from Asia today

South Korea ForMin: US VP Pence To Visit South Korea April 16 -18

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China To Unveil Plan To Boost Shanghai Insurance Industry – News


US major indices end the day with modest gains

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap: One day closer to US employment

Goldman Sachs preview of the Nonfarm payroll report

US Politics .....

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It looks like Russia's decision in the next few hours to veto (or not) a UN resolution on Syria will be extremely consequential.

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Defense Secretary Mattis to brief President Trump on military options in Syria

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Trump gets briefing on military options for Syria , after alleged airstrike by SAA..

"Something should happen," Trump told . Phrase made news around world.

“Those steps are underway”: Tillerson says U.S will organize international coalition to oust Assad

NEW: Trump has told some members of Congress he is considering military action in Syria in retaliation for chemical attack ()

US Senate has voted to trigger the "nuclear option"(on party lines 52-48)..Neil Gorsuch can now be confirmed by simple majority of 51 not 60


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It's happening: Senate Democrats just put up 41 votes to filibuster Gorsuch. Next up: Republicans go nuclear.

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What happens when North Korea tests a missile that could reach the U.S.?

The Chinese delegation has left Mar-a-Lago, per

A picture worth studying...

“We’ve had a long discussion already and so far, I’ve got nothing, absolutely nothing,” Trump jokes, of Xi. But "developed a friendship."

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Chinese press now getting a tour of Mar-a-Lago dining room. Nameplates show US official seated closest to Trump and Xi will be Kushner

Trump stops by press cabin on Air Force One. Asked two main goals for Xi summit, he said trade and North Korea. per

Trade to top the agenda of Trump-Xi meeting as US trade deficit w/China more than deficit w/all other trading partners combined (via Fathom)

On Bannon removal from NSC role, Spicer says Trump gave McMaster full control. McMaster "runs all these major decisions of restructuring."

On Obamacare repeal, Sean Spicer points to Mark Meadows' comments as encouraging. Amendment "shows tremendous progress by the team."

Mick Mulvaney: Restarting health-care effort is key to GOP’s agenda

Meadows: Freedom Caucus would vote for Pence’s proposals on AHCA

Newly popular, Obamacare is still losing insurers - The election of Donald Trump seems to have done wonders for...

House Rules Cmte making last-minute plans to hold meeting today on an amendment; vote would signal progress.

White House prods House Republican leaders to make last-minute tweaks to Obamacare replacement bill before lawmakers for 2-week spring break


New retirees suffer big cuts

Tsipras confident of deal at Eurogroup, lenders less so

Mortgage demand grows, but banks avoid loan issues

Greece seeks adviser for OTE stake sale

Unemployment rate unchanged in January

Tsipras hails tunnel opening as proof of Greek recovery


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Embattled French candidate Fillon pelted with flour at campaign rally

‘They are LIARS!’ French voters SAVAGE presidential candidates Fillon and Macron

The race to be French president narrows as Emmanuel Macron ties with Marine Le Pen

Macron Slips Post Debate Making Him Tied With Le Pen, Poll Shows - Bloomberg

VIDEO - French presidential election: Where do the candidates stand on immigration?

Macron's lead narrows in French presidential election: polls

This is the fast-talking, far-left showman shaking up the French presidential election:


UK could allow EU freedom of movement after Brexit, Boris Johnson says

As Varoufakis says,UK should go for the Norway option as a transitional plan. Give us time to see if there is a better deal, if any

European Parliament lays out 'red lines' for EU in negotiations inc 3-year limit for any transitional deal:


The UN Envoy to Libya Kobler, met Al-Sweihli & a number of members of the House of Representatives on Thursday in Tripoli.

UN-proposed government's air force air-attacks Haftar's warplanes in south

UN envoy Martin Kobler meets with Abdulrahman Swehli and members of the House of Representatives in .

UN's GNA PM Sarraj in yesterday with and US Ambasasdor. VOA refers to it as 'Obama's '

The Mediterranean Storm Operation, aimed to eradicate fuel smuggling, launched in

Renewed clashes north of Tamanhint base in Southern

Unity Government allocates more than $10 billion for imported goods in 2017

UN envoy Martin Kobler visits the 45th International Fair.


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More market reaction to US strikes on Syria: Brent Crude shoots up to close in on $56 US 10Y yield drops to 2.31%

Secretary of State calls out Russia tonight regarding chemical weapons and people still see Tillerson as a Putin puppet ?

Secretary Tillerson says that US has high confidence that this latest attack as well as the past 3 in were sarin gas attacks.

"We weighed action versus inaction" - NSA HR McMaster in decision to carry out strikes in

Trump: "Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children." Full transcript:

Pres Trump declined to take any questions at the conclusion of his statement announcing the US strike on Syria.

NEWS: DOD tracked the Syrian aircraft that conducted the chemical weapons strike:

. saying DoD briefing were multiple conversations w Russians thruout day to inform them of strikes, so not to hit them

Pentagon official tells CNN the strikes targeted runway, aircraft and fuel points; missiles launched from warships in E Mediterranean.

Is POTUS seeking a Coalition to remove Assad ?

BREAKING: Trump says strikes on Assad regime airbase is in the 'vital national security interest'


One question answered - Russia was informed ahead of US airstrikes on Syria.


On President Donald Trump's orders, US warships launched 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Strike against Syria has begun: US military official confirms more than 50 Tomahawks fired at an airfield near Homs (via )

Target is reportedly Shaayrat Airbase south-east of Homs, Opp sources initially claimed Syr aircraft that hit Khan Sheikhoun came from here

Russian Forces have used the airbase before for refuelling etc, not sure if they have anything there though

59 Tomahawk missiles hit Shaayrat Airbase and targeted runway, bunkers, ammo/fuel storage sites + air defence systems also reportedly hit

U.S. appears to be on the verge of a Syria missile strike, reports

BREAKING: Russian official at UN warns the US against the use of military action against the Assad regime

BREAKING: Israeli PM Netanyahu wants buffer zones on Syria's borders with Israel and Jordan (Via Haaretz)

BREAKING: US Secretary of Defense General Mattis is the 'key voice' advising President Trump on attacking Assad regime

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BREAKING: Reports that journalists are being told to remain at Pentagon and 'chatter' of military strike on Syria as soon as tonight

BREAKING: UN Security Council vote on Syria chemical weapons attack has been cancelled

BREAKING: Hezbollah is in a state of alert, amid fears they may be targeted in strike on Assad regime

BREAKING: Iranian diplomats' families being transferred from Damascus to South Beirut, amid reports of possible US strike on Assad regime

BREAKING: Claims Assad regime is evacuating assets from bases amid reports Trump Administration is considering military action against Syria

Israel's Channel 10 reports that the Israeli cabinet will convene on Sunday to discuss possible humanitarian intervention in Syria.

The global chemical weapons watchdog OPCW says it has "initiated contact" with Syrian authorities over Tuesday's nerve agent attack.