Monday, April 3, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......April 3 , 2017....Quick Hits For Monday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , RBA Policy Announcement Headlines Early News From Asia ; US - Major Stocks Modestly Lower On Monday , Gold Up a Tad , Oil Down A Tad , Bond Yields Continue To Drop Lower. 2) US Politics : Democrats Set To Filibuster Gorusch And "Nuclear Option " Looms For Confirmation Process , Repeal & Replace News For Monday , Susan Rice Allegedly "Unmasked " As The Unmasker Of Trump Transition Team , Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus - Local /Domestic News Items From France , Germany , Italy , Greece , UK & Russia. 4) Odds & Ends - South Africa & Libya In Focus.


Good morning from Berlin. Asia stocks drop following weaker Wall St w/Autos slump. Investors seek safe havens in Bonds & Yen before Trump-Xi


Economic data due from Asia today - RBA policy announcement

Australia (February) Trade Balance: 3574 mln (expected $A1900 mln)

Australia data - ANZ Weekly consumer confidence: 111.1 (prior 113.8)

BoJ Gov Kuroda: Not Buying ETFs To Achieve A Specific Stock Price Level - ETF Purchases Are Not Distorting Stock Price Discovery Mechanism

BOJ's Kuroda says No comment on specific FX levels

BOJ Kuroda - too early to talk about an exit strategy

BoJ Survey: Rise An Annual 1.0% 3 Years From Now Vs +1.0% In Prev Survey - Rise An Annual 1.1% 5 Years From Now Vs +1.1% In Prev Survey

BoJ March Tankan Corporate Price Expectations Survey: Firms Expect Consumer Prices To Rise 0.7% A Year From Now Vs +0.7% In Prev Survey

Japanese Monetary Base (YoY) Mar: 20.3% (prev 21.4%) -Monetary Base End of Period (JPY) Mar:447.3T (prev 433.7T)

US ....

Stocks making a comeback as come to the finish

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Forexlive Americas forex wrap: JPY pairs wilt as US yields fall.

US Politics.....

US healthcare - Meadows expects to see legislative proposed changes text within 24 hours

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Meadows tells me he's "optimistic" about Obamacare talks in the last 72 hours but "no details, no offers made, no deals have been made."

ObamaCare choices could go from one to zero in some areas

White House announces President Donald Trump has decided to donate his first quarter salary of $78, 333 US to the National Park Service.

The filibuster is on: Democrat Chris Coons announces he’ll block Gorsuch, denying GOP 60 votes for confirmation

An undecided Democrat moves to the "no" column on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. About a handful still undecided.

Donnelly is 3rd Dem who will back Gorsuch. Dem filibuster expected, but GOP's McConnell promised Sunday to change the rules and confirm him.

"We are very much behind President al-Sisi. He’s done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation," Trump said in Oval Office.

Report: Susan Rice requested “unmasking” of U.S. persons in raw intel connected to Trump and associates dozens ...

Susan Rice in March: “I know nothing” of Devin Nunes’s claims about incidental surveillance of Trump staffers

N. Korea defector warns Kim would use nukes against US



Fillon ridiculed for saying he can’t save money (despite being on €13,000 a month)

Putin, friend or foe? Russia looms over French presidential election

Teen girls held in Nice for 'planning French attack'

Germany .....

Islamist given life sentence for trying to bomb Bonn train station

Outrage as Muslim students 'bully Jewish classmate out of Berlin school'

Dortmund woman dies after neighbour 'deliberately blows up building'

Hundreds of Turkish officials and families seek asylum in Germany


Barack Obama to speak at Milan food summit this summer

IN PICTURES: Prince Charles in Italy's quake-damaged towns

Italy's youth unemployment rate falls to lowest level in five years


Cruise tourism industry expects further drop in Greece next year

State debts to third parties come to over 5 bln euros

Greek consumer confidence in tatters

Athens trolley buses holding work stoppage on Tuesday


Gibraltar: a Brexit negotiating weapon for Madrid, EU

MEDIAWATCH - Brexit 'custody' battle: Spain-Britain squabble over Gibraltar

This is fantastic: Roy Jenkins and Tony Benn debate the Common Market (via )

The Observer and both want Brexit to be all about . Here's why:

Wolfgang Munchau in the FT proposing a new agenda for Europhiles

Now that the PM has triggered Article 50, read more about her Plan for Britain


Sennaya Ploschad station in St Petersburg has been closed off again - reports say due to a bomb threat

BREAKING: Russian investigators say a suicide bomber is believed to have been behind a blast on the St. Petersburg subway

: Death toll reaches 14 in St Petersburg subway attack — 49 people are still hospitalised following incident.

Putin is going to grab ISIS by the back of the neck and shake that terror group..

Tragedy in St . Petersburg today. Terror hits the Metro...

Explosion in St. Petersburg metro is demonstrative act, which was planned in advance - Gryzlov


Odds & Ends....

's House of Representatives deplores the extension of the EU sanctions on Ageilah Saleh

UN envoy Kobler discusses ways to activate the political process in with Egyptian officials

Jufra Elders Council denies a military plane from landed at local air base.

's House of Representatives reaches decision to return to the dialogue table

South Africa.....

Rand keeps plunging as South Africa's sovereign rating has been junked by S&P for the 1st time since 2000.

South African Rand tumbles along with sovereign rating...

South African Rand tumbles along with sovereign rating...

South Africa's credit rating downgrades to "junk" status as Zuma faces backlash for cabinet reshuffle