Thursday, March 9, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......March 9 , 2017......Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Friday And Market Moving Data & News ; US Markets - US Major Indexes End Barely Above Flatline Ahead Of US Employment Report Due Friday , US Debt Yields Keep Rising , Oil & Gold Lower Again Today , Additional News To Consider. 2) US Politics : Richard Spencer May Be Nominated For Navy Secretary ; Repeal & Replace "Obamacare" Updates ; Tax Reform Kicked Back To Fiscal 2018 ; Revised Travel Ban Hit By Lawsuits From 4 States So Far ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Donald Tusk Re-Elected EUCO President Despite Poland's Opposition ; ECB Monetary Policy Decisions Released ; Greece - Creditor Talks Seem To Be Progressing , Additional News On Economy ; France - Political Updates ; Additional Items To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends - Iraq ( Mosul Campaign ) And Libya ( Oil Crescent War ) In Primary Focus.



Economic data due from Asia Session today

ASIA WRAP: Mnuchin to take steps to prevent US default, PBOC's Zhou says yuan will be kept basically stable, SK's Park impeached. NFPs ahead

Global bond rout deepens ahead of US jobs report, with US Treasuries heading for their longest slump in more than 40 years. (BBG)

Good morning from Berlin. Asia stocks edged up as March pullback risk appears to subside DESPITE deepening global bond rout. Yen at 1.5m low

Happy Friday! And a very happy nonfarm payrolls day!! Median forecast among U.S. primary dealers is 200k. Full breakdown >>

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ICYMI - China February lending growth slows a little

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New Zealand - Electronic card spending (February), Retail -0.6% m/m (expected -0.4%)


Stocks end the day near unchanged levels

WTI crude futures settle at $49.28 /bbl

Saudi Arabia to US oil firms: Don't assume OPEC will extend cuts



Bond bubble about to pop? US 5y yields climb to highest since 2011.

US Treasury to suspend sales of state/local debt on March 15

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15 March 2017 >>

US Politics....

Trump to nominate investment banker and Marine Corps veteran Richard V Spencer as Navy secretary, I'm told.

Washington , Oregon & New York follow Hawaii in lawsuits against revised Travel Ban....

JUST IN: Washington attorney general says will ask judge to apply injunction on original Trump travel ban order to new travel ban order.

ROAD TRIPS: Trump will visit "several cities" to push the Obamacare repeal bill, Sean Spicer says.

JUST IN: Senate votes to repeal Obama-era education rules

Trump Campaign announces another political rally by the President next Wednesday evening in Nashville. About a month after 1st rally in FL.

Tax reform now pushed back to Fiscal 2018...

Rand Paul introduces alternative to GOP ObamaCare repeal bill


Catch All...

PM greets re-elected Donald Tusk.

Jef: Next presser falls on 27 Apr, between 1st & 2nd rounds of French Pres election. Mkts will have to wait until 8Jun for a real clue.

ECB Monetary policy decisions - press release....

ECB On Hold: - Refinancing Rate At 0.00% - Deposit Facility Rate At -0.40% - Marginal Lending Rate At 0.25%

ECB: Stands Ready To Increase APP In Terms Of Size And/Or Duration

ECB: Rates Seen At Present Or Lower Levels For Extended Period Of Time


Greek PM Tsipras: Collective Labor Agreements in Greece are a European Issue

Greek Social Security System on the Decline

EU Agriculture Commissioner: Greece will get €19 Bln in 7 Years for Agriculture

Metro Closures Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in Athens as Authorities Install New Ticket Barriers

Measures to be agreed will be fiscally-neutral subject to meeting 2018 primary surplus target of 3.5% of GDP, gov't spokesman notes.

Key difference between gov't and remains the restoration of collective bargaining, acc to gov't spokesman.

Progress made in discussions for both measures and counter-measures, talks on out-of-court workout concluded, gov't spokesman says.

Very close to agreement on 'positive' measures (tax reliefs and increase in social expenditure), gov't spokesman says.

Both 'positive' and 'negative' measures will be legislated at the same time, gov't spokesman says.

Following revisions, rate remains stable for the 3rd straight month at 23.1% in Dec.

France ......

Good news: France has just created more jobs than at any time since 2007

Great run-down of how a presidential hopeful can run for office in France. VERY different from the US! Interesting read...

Swiss bank deems Le Pen 'biggest risk' to Europe

Macron leads Le Pen for first time but his voters are far from sure

France, Ipsos poll: Le Pen (FN-ENF): 27% ↑ Macron (EM-NI): 23% Fillon (LR-EPP): 20% ↑ Hamon (PS-S&D): 14% Mélenchon (FG-LEFT): 12%

France, Ipsos poll: Le Pen (FN-ENF): 27% ↑ Macron (EM-NI): 23% Fillon (LR-EPP): 20% ↑ Hamon (PS-S&D): 14%...

France: Second round of Presidential election, Ipsos poll: Macron (EM-*): 62% (-2) Le Pen (FN-ENF): 38% (+2)

France: Second round of Presidential election, Ipsos poll: Fillon: 55% (-7) Le Pen: 45% (+7)

French election poll - Macron ahead in first round vote


Great overview on the Dutch Election from Pieter ! Really great grasp and feel for Dutch political landscape.

Netherlands, Liss poll: VVD-ALDE: 17% PVV-ENF: 14% D66-ALDE: 12% SP-LEFT: 11% CDA-EPP: 11% GL-GREEN: 11% ↑...

Scotland Poll....

UK: Scottish independence referendum, Ipsos Mori: Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes: 50% (+2) No: 50% (-2)

Euro Summit.....

confirms, will not sign final declaration because of reelection.

Antonio Tajani made the case for European unity in his first speech as Parliament President at start of summit

Odds & Ends....

Correction: 9 injured, one seriously. Axeman from "former Yugoslavia ( ). If not rampage nor terror, what was it?

Terror attack is feared in Dusseldorf as 'axe-wielding man goes on rampage at central train station'

alle Bahnen stoppen, viel Feuerwehr und Polizei am


BREAKING: Reports that 's Rapid Response units have recaptured the Palestine Hotel in a daring night-time raid in central .

map update. Green= liberated and under forces control. Orange= frontline clashes. White= controlled areas.

: West is totally surrounded said General Najem al-Jouburi in Mosul and that the road with is cut now.

sec frcs engaged in d most difficult urban warfare in d old narrow strts of . When this part will fall, d battle is almost over.


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UPDATE 1-Libya's oil output drops to 620,000 bpd -NOC head

Giorgio Starace (Italian envoy to ) says decisions by Tobruk Parliament are not credible & that it doesnt work

Italy seems to be the most visible western power that apparently is supporting PC regarding Oil Crescent conflict.

General Electricity Company takes over headquarters in after upgrades & mine clearance in the area.

Interim Govt Health Minister Dr. El-Oakley discusses financial position of the medical supply depot in Bayda

Main road in the Gurji area of remains closed after yesterdays clashes.

Tribes from Cyrenaica reject the PC & the offensive led by SDB, reaffirm their support to LNA, condemn support from international community.

: Dissenting PC member, Ali Gatrani, decries decision to deliver terminals to PFG's Bukhamada via

Aref Nayed criticises US for lack of support for LNA, accuses it of forcing Islamists ... -